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It’s coming!!

In eleven (11) hours!!


As I was getting my nails done, this girl next to me was talking to the owner of the salon. The owner is Korean, the girl (I’ll call her GF) is Asian but not Korean, her boyfriend (BF) is Korean. GF was talking about BF’s mother (Mom) and the salon owner was explaining to her how Korean mothers are (these are not my words, I am telling the conversation as I remember it). The salon owner was saying Korean mothers want to know this and that, GF was saying, Mom wants to ask her questions about ‘this and that’, BF tells Mom, don’t ask those questions. She feels bad for Mom, but doesn’t want to interfere. Also, since she doesn’t speak Korean, she doesn’t know what Mom is telling BF about her. For instance, Mom told GF, BF can be nasty. She replied to Mom, oh he’s always been sweet to me, because she is afraid Mom will tell BF, she said you were nasty. She doesn’t know what Mom has said about GF to BF in the past.

It seems like a lot of work.

On occasion, people have told me I should get a boyfriend. I tell them I don’t have time for a boyfriend. What I really mean is, I don’t have the energy for a boyfriend. It could be because I have not had good relationships in the past, all the way back to the relationships with my parents and siblings. I only really like one of my siblings, and I have always felt only one of my siblings has really cared for me. My boyfriends were always happy to become my boyfriend, then after a while, I wasn’t ‘right’, and I needed to change to fit. One went so far as to tell me what kind of socks I should wear and what color lipstick.

Being single, completely single, may be lonely a times, but it is better then being miserably because the one you love isn’t happy with you for reasons you don’t understand and can’t change.

When I moved into my apartment I bought a Keurig. I figured it would pay for itself with the money I would save by not stopping at Starbucks every morning. I was buying K-cups for a while, then decided to get a filter. I just started using the filter this week.

The coffee was more then I expected but when I figured out the price per cup, I would save 40¢ a cup. Now I had the problem of what to do with the coffee grounds, since with the K-cups you just toss them out.

After doing some extensive research (I went to and typed in ‘Coffee grounds down the drain’) I discovered that some people said you shouldn’t dump grounds in the drain, others said they had been doing for years with no problem, a couple of plumbers said, go ahead and dump grounds down the drain (Ka-ching!). I live in an apartment and am probably not the only one drinking coffee so I wouldn’t be the only suspect, but it wouldn’t be very nice.

As for putting them in the garden (did I mention I live in a 4th floor walk-up?) I don’t have a garden, I don’t even have a window box, I don’t even know if my landlord would allow me to have a window box. My boss suggested I save them and put them in a park, but I am a little shy.

However the real problem is how to get them out of the filter without just rinsing them out and down the drain. This morning I ended up putting a paper towel in the sink over the drain and filtering them that way. I will have to settle for keeping as much as I can out of the drain.

I had already picked this title and was forming the blog post in my head, when it kind of got ruined.

There is a new Apple store opening in Grand Central Terminal and Em has been going on about how she wants to be there for the opening, to ‘pay homage’ to Steve Jobs. So I had planned to write about how her love for her new friend was making her forget her old friend, since she hadn’t once mentioned him, then today I got an instant message:

Don’t forget to see John for me tomorrow and say hi. I won’t be able to come down again this year. In 2012 the anniversary will fall on a Saturday. I will be there!!!

I had to tell her she ruined my blog post.

However I think I found a way to save it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Grand Central Terminal, where everyone waits. For a train, for the subway, for the lady to toast your bagel, for friends coming to visit, and for the Apple store to open.

New hat

The other day I told a friend about a hat I had made. She didn’t seem to understand what I was saying so I decided to show her.

Problem was, when I went to find it, I couldn’t. I asked Gwen if I had left it with her. She didn’t have it. I looked through all my boxes and bins. No brown beret. It was upsetting. Not only could I not show my friend, I had no hat to wear to church this winter.

Since Em was coming to the City today, I decided to go to TJ Maxx to look for another hat and found this one. Tigger said he thought it looked good on me, Em said it was nicer then the other one. So now I can be styling with my new hat.