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Worse then the disease

We’ve all heard the saying, the cure is worse than the disease. It most cases it is. I’m not a medical person, but I would say that since to be sick you just have to be exposed, and to get cured you have to actively do something to heal yourself, that would make the cure worse than the disease. Of course in most cases (unless the cure is going to kill or maim you horribly) it is worth it to suffer with the cure.

There was this bump on my foot, a couple of them actually, that for a long time I thought (told myself) were callouses. They were not. When I started to get more and they were not going away even though I changed my shoes, I knew I had to see the doctor. Diagnosis: plantar warts (Plantar warts: can develop on any part of the foot. Sometimes dark specks are visible beneath the surface of the wart. When pressure from standing or walking pushes a plantar wart beneath the skin’s surface, a layer of thick, tough skin similar to a callus develops over it. As the callus and wart get larger, walking can become painful, much like walking with a pebble in your shoe. Multiple plantar warts can form in a large, flat cluster known as a “mosaic wart.”). The first doctor I went to didn’t want to treat them. He didn’t even give me anything to put on them at home just referred me to the podiatrist.

This is the back of my foot now, it looks worse then when ;The most common way of treating warts, as I understand it. Is the way my doctor did it. She scrapped the wart off, then sprayed liquid nitrogen on the spots, this is Cryotherapy. Very little risk of scarring, but very painful. The website didn’t say very painful, it says, can be painful. I am here to tell you VERY PAINFUL. I’ve also been told I am a wimpy little baby.

The doctor was most concerned with these, since they are on the back of the heel where the skin is very thin and there is risk of more pain and infection. Did I tell you ‘very painful’? She also gave me a prescription for wart medicine, told me to buy duct tape and spray my shoes with Lysol®. I passed the instructions on to Em, since she was coming down the next day to ‘take care of me’. She bought me purple duct tape.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I was just going to get the picture from my parents 50 wedding anniversary party and post it, my family, than I read: family means something different to everyone. Find a picture that means family to you and share!

Someone once said, friends are the family you pick, so here is my hand picked family, the boys who pick on me terribly, but would flatten anyone who hurt me, the girl who never tells me to ‘act my age’ and of course the cats. The cats would be mad if I excluded them after all the hair they left all over my clothes. My niece who cried because I left before her slumber party so I couldn’t come to it and made me promise, the next time you come visit ….. except I haven’t been back, the rest of the family, well, I wouldn’t pick them to be my family.

Do not lean on the door

There are many rules on the subway. Don’t walk between cars, don’t ride on the outside of the cars, don’t grope your fellow commuters, and don’t lean against the doors.

The MTA says that these rules are for our (the commuters) safety, and I will say that any guy groping me risks his life (or parts of his anatomy) and that could get messy, but consider this scenario.

A fun-sized female (guess who!) gets on an über crowded subway train (#6), she gets a spot too far from a pole to hold onto and the ones overhead are way to high to reach. So what are her choices? She can do a dance in an attempt to keep her balance which makes her look like she is attempting to summon the ancient Mayan god of the underground and puts her at risk for landing in the lap of an octogenarian wearing a Knicks (ew!) hat. Or she can lean against the door and run the risk of falling on the platform when the doors open. Considering the doors don’t open until after the subway stops, for me the risk is minimal.

The only thing left for me to consider is this: Is the humiliation of falling on the platform more or worse then the humiliation of being seen in the lap of a man wearing a Knicks hat?

It’s a personal decision.

October snowstorm

I forgot I took this video, I was uploading my pictures and found it.

Beauty and errands

Since today was my day off, I dedicated it to beauty and errands. After getting my beauty sleep (heh), I dyed my roots (no more grays) and then left to do errands, which included beauty. I went to Sephora for shampoo. Yes I know there are less expensive stores to get shampoo, but it was a beauty day! So I paid $24 for a bottle of shampoo. But it had Keratin in it! My stylist says that is what I need for my hair. Then nail polish at my next stop (Sephora didn’t have the color I wanted) and the last stop was general stuff, from the drug store and grocery store.

Then to finish my beauty day, I painted my toenails. I was going to do my fingernails, but then I remembered I have an appointment to get them done tomorrow.

And that is all, says she.