Since today was my day off, I dedicated it to beauty and errands. After getting my beauty sleep (heh), I dyed my roots (no more grays) and then left to do errands, which included beauty. I went to Sephora for shampoo. Yes I know there are less expensive stores to get shampoo, but it was a beauty day! So I paid $24 for a bottle of shampoo. But it had Keratin in it! My stylist says that is what I need for my hair. Then nail polish at my next stop (Sephora didn’t have the color I wanted) and the last stop was general stuff, from the drug store and grocery store.

Then to finish my beauty day, I painted my toenails. I was going to do my fingernails, but then I remembered I have an appointment to get them done tomorrow.

And that is all, says she.