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Support Your Local Library

Two things I love about reading. One is library books. I love them because they are free, so if you get a book that is a total waste of paper, at least you didn’t waste any money. I’ve been fortunate in that every place I have lived there has been a library accessible to me. Even in Buffalo although I abused the privilege and kept the book for a year, and when they sent me the overdue book letter with notice of a fine that was more then the book was worth, I just dropped it in the book return. I can probably never get a library card in Buffalo again. In the Hudson Valley, not only was I within driving distance of 4 libraries. I could request a book from any library in the Hudson Valley Library system.

The other thing I love is my e-reader. It is so convenient to have all my books in one little device I can carry about with me. So imagine my joy when I discovered you could borrow e-books from the NYPL. Yes I was jumping up and down, well I would have been if I had wanted to actually get off my couch. Which I don’t have to do now to get my books from the library.

There is one little problem. The last time I borrowed a book for my e-reader, the quality was not good and I could barely read it. However, Kindle books are available and I have a Kindle app on my iPhone. I went in on NYPL mobile site and requested the book. Not downloadable through their mobile site. I had to go online with my computer and download the book. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but when I clicked to download the book I was redirected to Amazon and the book was sent to my phone. I would be able to read it the next time I synced my Kindle app. Except it didn’t. I synced and no book. However, when I went to Amazon on my phone, the book was available for download in my ‘digital purchases’, so I was able to get it on my phone and read it.

Also, with the Amazon cloud reader I am able to read Kindle books on my computer. How cool is that? I know, I don’t really like reading books on my computer, but the print is so big and at this stage of my life, the bigger print the better.


Cranky today

It must be that my cold is hanging on, but I am having trouble sleeping which makes me cranky. Some other things happened to make me annoyed today also.

Right now I can only remember one. When I broke the screen to my iPhone I bought a case (actually 2 but one was cheap and I threw it away). A very pretty purple case that slides on the top and bottom so you can put it on a dock without taking the case off. Today I noticed that it is breaking. It upsets me because I paid a lot of money for it.

Zagg has cases, so I went online, they were having a sale today, on invisibleSHIELD, ZAGGsmartbuds, and ZAGGsparq. Not cases though, sigh. Since the smartbuds Tigger got me are defective I ordered a pair of them, with the discount code from the Twitter sale, I don’t know why since I’ll be getting my money back, but I had to pay full price for a new case. No shipping though, but they didn’t have any pretty purple ones. This also upsets me.

The case is necessarily because I am notoriously rough on my electronics.

That is all, says she.

Stairs that go nowhere

These stairs are in the local park. The don’t actually go nowhere, they go to the top of the hill. But there’s nothing there. Just the top of the hill. It is a big flat expanse of grass. It could have at one time been the site of some kind of building and if I wasn’t lazy I would do some research into it.

But I am, so I won’t.

Bad words are forming in my head

Dear Asurion,

Listen you ignorant spawn of the Devil, for the third time I did not receive my replacement device on May 26, 2011. I received the wrong device which I returned and you told me you received. I received the correct device on June 15, 2011. Stop threatening to charge me a restocking fee you ignorant Devil-spawn.

I’m back!!

So once again I have become negligent in my blogging and am having to play catch up. It won’t be easy this weekend since I am going to see Green Lantern with Gwen on Friday, going to NYC on Saturday with Em and then going to see the Staten Island Yankees on Monday. Plus the Yankees have no off days coming up.

Tonight I had to type posts on about 4 games that I was behind. Now that I’m caught up there,

My phone is here, I spent all last evening getting my apps loaded and my books downloaded and my music synced. Then I forgot it at home when I went to work. Not only that, I twisted my ankle running to catch the train. I didn’t really hurt my ankle, just scraped the side of it with the strap on my shoe.

Yesterday morning my right eye was completely blood shot. It is still a little bit red but I can’t wear my contacts. Tomorrow I am wearing mascara and eyeliner. Mainly because I don’t think make-up is the cause of this.

Not much else to say. I think I will look a the pictures on my camera to make up for the missing posts.

apparently my cell phone saga is done. I say apparently because when I was reading the list of Customer complaints for Asurion, one of them was that the customer was told the phone had water damage when it didn’t. I still have to send the broken phone back so I don’t get charged a restocking fee. That is why my ordeal is not quite over yet.

When I got the e-mail from American Express stating my payment was due, I went on the website and filed a disputed charge claim. I told them, wrong merchandise shipped, I called the company, got no response and have returned the merchandise with a letter stating the problem and still had no response.

When I received the e-mail I posted in my last post, I called the number in the e-mail. I spoke to customer service, then I got transferred to technical support (Jay), Jay then said I had to speak to a supervisor to needed to know what address to send the replacement phone to. The supervisor told me the phone was being sent out.

Here is what frustrates me. When I returned the wrong phone I included a letter, in that letter was the specifics of why it was the wrong phone and what I wanted Asurion to do, send me the correct phone. I also put my address, my cell phone number, my work number and my e-mail address. I still had to call them to get them to do anything. And why did he have to get my address and phone number and e-mail address when they already had them! They had all that information from the original claim number, which was also on the letter I sent them and on every e-mail they sent me.

So I got my phone on Wednesday, June 15, 4 weeks and 7 phone calls after I filed my claim. When I opened the box, it was a brand new iPhone, it the box, shrink wrapped, just the phone I got from the store. When I went on line with American Express, there was a notation that they had contacted the company. That is what probably lit a fire under their soulless devil-spawn asses. American Express, a company that knows what customer service is, and shakes a might big stick.

Topic #144:

Make a top ten list of things to do this summer. And if you are somewhere in the world where the seasons are different, make a top ten list of things you want to do next season.

1. Go to all the Saturday Yankee Games.
2. Go see the Staten Island Yankees play at Dutchess Stadium.
3. Start looking at apartments in Manhattan.
4. Read more books.
5. Get my Beth Israel hospital bill settled.
6. Get my insurance claim with EVIL Asurion settled.
7. Lose 5 pounds.
8. Exercise more
9. Go swimming.
10. Post everyday.

I noticed that this is not a ‘things you want to get done’ or goals, just things to do this summer. More on the line of summer activities. At least that is how I took it.

are either idiots, morons or soulless bastards. Or they are all three.

The e-mail I got said I was going to get an iPhone4 32g blk, so did the packing slip. When I plugged the phone into my computer to activate it, iTunes said it was a 16 gig phone. I was pissed, I called them, got nowhere, called again, got a little farther and then the call was disconnected. So I called a third time, and finally got to some one that told me he couldn’t help me, someone would have to call me back. I am still waiting. As I was waiting I decided I probably shouldn’t be using the replacement phone, since I might damage it, so I reactivated my phone with the broken screen, bought an ugly case to keep the pieces together, although you can still see the crack, and packed up the replacement phone.

Now I have to write a letter and not say, “Listen you morons, you really fucked up, now ship me the right phone!”

All of this reinforces my belief that I don’t deserve nice things. I am never buying another iPhone. I will settle for lesser quality stuff since I am such a loser jerk.

sucks. I really mean it. I have spent most of the past week totally convinced I am a loser and don’t deserve nice things.

My phone came, they sent the wrong one. I realized that as I was on the phone with Verizon because I was having trouble activating it. I mentioned to the customer service that the phone was a 16 gig and should be a 32 gig so after the phone was activated he switched to Asurion so I could get explain the problem to them and get the right phone shipped. I got to their automated phone system where after listening to them tell me my phone had shipped and gave me the routing number I got a list of choices. Of course none of them were, ‘we shipped you the wrong phone’, so I had to guess, not that it did any good since the call got cut off. So I called back. This time I got through to customer service and after talking to her she had to switch me to ‘Technical support’, and once again the phone call was cut off. So I called back, this time I went straight to ‘Technical support’ and talked to a man, who couldn’t help me. He took my number and said an ‘adjuster’ would call me within ’24-48′ hours. I am still waiting.

So the past two days I have been very upset and at times crying, fully convinced I am a loser, don’t deserve nice things and don’t deserve to be happy.

Random thoughts

As I wait for my replacement iPhone I think maybe I shouldn’t have nice things. I haven’t even paid the bill for my phone and I dropped it and shattered the screen. Now I am thinking of what I should have done ….

My Palm Pre Plus was less then a week old the first time I dropped it. I also dropped it at Yankee Stadium when Swisher hit a home run.

I bought this really pretty wallet, it wouldn’t fit in my purse. So I bought a new purse, yesterday the strap broke and I had to throw it out, then scrounge around for a wallet that would fit in my purse. Now my wallet doesn’t match my purse.

If I didn’t have asthma and allergies I would need to carry emergency medicine and I could carry a smaller purse.

Speaking of asthma, I am still coughing with that nasty dry throat hurting cough. The one that wears me out and makes me cranky.

And that is all, says she.