As I wait for my replacement iPhone I think maybe I shouldn’t have nice things. I haven’t even paid the bill for my phone and I dropped it and shattered the screen. Now I am thinking of what I should have done ….

My Palm Pre Plus was less then a week old the first time I dropped it. I also dropped it at Yankee Stadium when Swisher hit a home run.

I bought this really pretty wallet, it wouldn’t fit in my purse. So I bought a new purse, yesterday the strap broke and I had to throw it out, then scrounge around for a wallet that would fit in my purse. Now my wallet doesn’t match my purse.

If I didn’t have asthma and allergies I would need to carry emergency medicine and I could carry a smaller purse.

Speaking of asthma, I am still coughing with that nasty dry throat hurting cough. The one that wears me out and makes me cranky.

And that is all, says she.