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Pet peeves

We all have them, well most of us do. One of mine is people who don’t know what “I don’t know” means.

People come up to me in Grand Central and ask for directions. First of all, I’m usually walking around all dazed and confused, bumping into the walls and such, why anyone would ask me directions is beyond me.

Second, there is a freaking huge map about six steps away from us, go look at the map. But no, they have to ask me, “How do I get to Murray Hill?” “what subway goes up Lexington?” I know how to get to my office, I know how to get to my Dr and the dentist. Anything else I don’t know. When I say “I don’t know.” They rephrase the question. I still don’t know the answer but now that they have pissed me off, I lie. “Yes the 6 train will get you there.” The alternative is to snarl at them, “Look at the [#%^*] map.” So take the 6 train and have a nice life, where ever it takes you.

That’s all, says she.


Our Regional Director is leaving, not by her choice. The Regional Director is the person in charge of the whole office. Everybody’s boss. So they took up a collection and bought some gifts. With the money left over the person buying the gifts decided to get t-shirts. Nice white t-shirts with a drawing of her and her name etc.

Here is the problem. She and I have the same name. I am not wearing a shirt with my name on it and someone else’s face! Nobody else sees a problem with it, but to me it is just creepy.

That is all, says she.