If you have every looked at my sidebars you know that I am on twitter. If you follow me on twitter you know that I don’t tweet as much as some, but I do a fair amount. I ‘tweet’ with a lot of Yankee fans from all over the world.

One of them is in New York, whether for business or a vacation I haven’t been able to determine, I think it might be a little of both. He has been going to the Yankee games and Saturday I tried to meet with him, I was standing in the aisle yelling and waving and he and another Yankee fan I know from twitter didn’t hear me. For the rest of the evening I was harassing him, accusing him of ignoring me.

Today when I asked him what was up, he said, I have no plans want to meet? I sent him the address of the bar/pub near my office and he met me there, where we ate and chatted and had a generally good time.

He left his hat at the restaurant, I started teasing again that I had stolen his hat because I was a creepy stalker. He also has a really sweet Honda motorcycle.

So this is not the first person I have met through twitter but I have to say this is probably the most effort someone has put forth to meet me. Kind of amazing when the only communication we have had has been on Facebook and Twitter.

Its nice meeting new people, of course one needs to be careful, you never know when someone might really be a creepy stalker.