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Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

This the fountain in the courtyard outside the side door of my office building. I like how the water looks like a bowl.

are either idiots, morons or soulless bastards. Or they are all three.

The e-mail I got said I was going to get an iPhone4 32g blk, so did the packing slip. When I plugged the phone into my computer to activate it, iTunes said it was a 16 gig phone. I was pissed, I called them, got nowhere, called again, got a little farther and then the call was disconnected. So I called a third time, and finally got to some one that told me he couldn’t help me, someone would have to call me back. I am still waiting. As I was waiting I decided I probably shouldn’t be using the replacement phone, since I might damage it, so I reactivated my phone with the broken screen, bought an ugly case to keep the pieces together, although you can still see the crack, and packed up the replacement phone.

Now I have to write a letter and not say, “Listen you morons, you really fucked up, now ship me the right phone!”

All of this reinforces my belief that I don’t deserve nice things. I am never buying another iPhone. I will settle for lesser quality stuff since I am such a loser jerk.

sucks. I really mean it. I have spent most of the past week totally convinced I am a loser and don’t deserve nice things.

My phone came, they sent the wrong one. I realized that as I was on the phone with Verizon because I was having trouble activating it. I mentioned to the customer service that the phone was a 16 gig and should be a 32 gig so after the phone was activated he switched to Asurion so I could get explain the problem to them and get the right phone shipped. I got to their automated phone system where after listening to them tell me my phone had shipped and gave me the routing number I got a list of choices. Of course none of them were, ‘we shipped you the wrong phone’, so I had to guess, not that it did any good since the call got cut off. So I called back. This time I got through to customer service and after talking to her she had to switch me to ‘Technical support’, and once again the phone call was cut off. So I called back, this time I went straight to ‘Technical support’ and talked to a man, who couldn’t help me. He took my number and said an ‘adjuster’ would call me within ’24-48′ hours. I am still waiting.

So the past two days I have been very upset and at times crying, fully convinced I am a loser, don’t deserve nice things and don’t deserve to be happy.