It must be that my cold is hanging on, but I am having trouble sleeping which makes me cranky. Some other things happened to make me annoyed today also.

Right now I can only remember one. When I broke the screen to my iPhone I bought a case (actually 2 but one was cheap and I threw it away). A very pretty purple case that slides on the top and bottom so you can put it on a dock without taking the case off. Today I noticed that it is breaking. It upsets me because I paid a lot of money for it.

Zagg has cases, so I went online, they were having a sale today, on invisibleSHIELD, ZAGGsmartbuds, and ZAGGsparq. Not cases though, sigh. Since the smartbuds Tigger got me are defective I ordered a pair of them, with the discount code from the Twitter sale, I don’t know why since I’ll be getting my money back, but I had to pay full price for a new case. No shipping though, but they didn’t have any pretty purple ones. This also upsets me.

The case is necessarily because I am notoriously rough on my electronics.

That is all, says she.