Em gave me the location of the nearest Weight Watchers meeting, tonight I finally went to one. The last time I was at a WW meeting was July 16. In the time between then and now, I only gained 0.4 lbs. My new leader said that was actually a good thing. She started the meeting asking us, “Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why am I here?'” Well I know why I’m there, cause WW works. Then she asked for reasons to lose weight, everybody came up with good ones, and she handed out this sheet.

25 Reasons to Lose Weight

  1. Be & feel healthier in general.
  2. See specific health issues improve, i.e. cholesterol, joint pain.
  3. Sleep better
  4. Have more energy
  5. Wear smaller size.
  6. Keep up with younger family & friends.
  7. Be a role model for younger & older overweight people.
  8. Feel a sense of control over a very challenging part of one’s life.
  9. Feeling young in mind, body & spirit. Still feeling sexually attractive.
  10. Be able to climb up & down stairs in case of emergency.
  11. Not embarrassed by your size.
  12. Running into old friends as your thinner self.
  13. Able to be independent as one ages – able to get in & out of a bathtub.
  14. Success in one area i.e. weight loss can motivate one to succeed in other areas.
  15. Pride in one’s achievement of weight loss – higher self exteem.
  16. Pride in achieving Lifetime Status & keeping the weight off.
  17. Overcoming the stigma of being overweight, recognizing one’s “new” self.
  18. Going to one’s high school or college reunion without excess weight.
  19. Learning how to eat out in moderation, enjoying the company more than the food.
  20. Having the motivation & energy to try new things, maybe go back to school, start a new career, follow a passion.
  21. Avoiding the challenges of aging & weight – i.e. hip & knee replacements.
  22. Able to climb a ladder to change a ceiling light bulb or hand curtains, etc.
  23. Able to sit comfortably in an airplane or theatre seat.
  24. Take up a sport i.e. ice skating, swimming, joining a gym, etc.
  25. Learning how to control food addictions, trigger foods, etc.

Now to start back tracking, eating more fruits and vegetables and less potato chips. And drink more water. Gotta get the weight down.