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Support Your Local Library

Two things I love about reading. One is library books. I love them because they are free, so if you get a book that is a total waste of paper, at least you didn’t waste any money. I’ve been fortunate in that every place I have lived there has been a library accessible to me. Even in Buffalo although I abused the privilege and kept the book for a year, and when they sent me the overdue book letter with notice of a fine that was more then the book was worth, I just dropped it in the book return. I can probably never get a library card in Buffalo again. In the Hudson Valley, not only was I within driving distance of 4 libraries. I could request a book from any library in the Hudson Valley Library system.

The other thing I love is my e-reader. It is so convenient to have all my books in one little device I can carry about with me. So imagine my joy when I discovered you could borrow e-books from the NYPL. Yes I was jumping up and down, well I would have been if I had wanted to actually get off my couch. Which I don’t have to do now to get my books from the library.

There is one little problem. The last time I borrowed a book for my e-reader, the quality was not good and I could barely read it. However, Kindle books are available and I have a Kindle app on my iPhone. I went in on NYPL mobile site and requested the book. Not downloadable through their mobile site. I had to go online with my computer and download the book. I wasn’t sure how this would work, but when I clicked to download the book I was redirected to Amazon and the book was sent to my phone. I would be able to read it the next time I synced my Kindle app. Except it didn’t. I synced and no book. However, when I went to Amazon on my phone, the book was available for download in my ‘digital purchases’, so I was able to get it on my phone and read it.

Also, with the Amazon cloud reader I am able to read Kindle books on my computer. How cool is that? I know, I don’t really like reading books on my computer, but the print is so big and at this stage of my life, the bigger print the better.

Since this blog is about my life, I can make this post about anything I want. Pulled an all nighter? Well when I worked nights, I don’t think that is what they are talking about. Watching Bones on Hulu.com?

When I flew out to Washington State because my nephew was seriously ill, I think I was up for hours, I went from work straight to the airport, the flight out of Buffalo was delay, thunderstorms in Chicago. Where I was changing planes, then we almost didn’t make it to Chicago. My flight out of Chicago was delayed also, I don’t remember how many hours. Then straight from the airport in Seattle to the hospital. I don’t remember if I had a place to sleep or if I had to sleep on the floor.

I’m not sure if that is the longest I have been without sleep, but it certainly felt like it.


I just messed up my phone by trying to set it up to this blog for mobile blogging.

I had sent this to my other blog, so I now have linked it. It supports B.T.’s claim that Buffalo have wings.


Buffalo have wings