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Riding the bus

Yesterday I rode the bus, it is an event that happens with sufficient infrequency to be noteworthy. It would never have happened if I knew how to cook sausage in a non-stick pan. I suppose I could blame that on my mother, since she had a cast-iron skillet and taught me how to cook sausage and eggs in that instead of a non-stick pan. Or maybe I could blame it on the fact that I now eat chicken or turkey sausage and there is not as much fat draining out into the pan. The fact remains that I ruined my pan cooking sausage in it and when I told Em I wanted to buy a cast-iron skillet she suggested going to Home Goods after the game yesterday.

20130816-023001.jpgWe took the B train from Yankee Stadium to 103rd, from there we walked to Home Goods, where I found a small cast-iron skillet, mission accomplished! I also saw these green Ramekins which I had to have. They are oven safe to 500°F (260°C) and also microwave, blowtorch and dishwasher safe, except I don’t have any of those. Really! I don’t have a blowtorch, never needed one. Em said they would not be a frivolous purchase because I would make baked eggs in them. I was thinking they would be good for single servings of baked Macaroni and cheese myself, or for heating up macaroni and cheese since I don’t have a microwave. Then we stopped at Model’s for socks, which they didn’t have. After that we went to eat Mexican food.

Em was ready to walk to Grand Central, I was ready to go home, but we were on the west side and I didn’t want to walk across the park since I always get lost walking across the park. Don’t ask and don’t judge. Also I was carrying this heavy cast-iron pan, 4 green Ramekins and 3 yellow bananas. And my knee hurt. That was when I got on the bus. If you’ve been reading this blog you may know that I hate the bus more than the train. Even when a friend tells me, “If you take the bus from church it will drop you right by your apartment.” I will still walk the two blocks to the Green Train and then walk the two blocks back to 2nd Ave. The Crosstown bus is not that bad. However once I got off the crosstown bus I walked up 2nd Avenue home. Which is how I ended up with a bottle of Aleve (that I needed) and a bottle of shampoo (that I didn’t really need but Ricky’s sucked me in).

While riding the bus I was struck by the thought that public transportation in NYC represents the diversity of the city. At one stop a man got on wearing a pale suit and straw Fedora (a different type of hat I would have said he was a southern gentleman), followed by a woman wearing a skirt and shirt (not quite pulled together businesswoman attire, looking pissed off, I wonder if the southern gentleman made a chauvinist comment to her), then a middle aged man wearing shorts and a Mets shirt (EWWW!), a teenage boy was next (he might have been with Mr. Met). There was also this ancient woman with hair down her back that looked like one big dreadlock (please don’t sit too close to me).

At least it was better than the subway ride to the stadium when I saw two women not wearing bras that should have been. One had on one of those strapless dresses that are cute if you’re not a DD cup, the other woman was wearing a white racerback tank top. My eyes, please my eyes hurt after that.



The saying is, everyone wins in Buffalo, except the Bills. It is not an entirely accurate statement. Of the 772 games the Bills played in their existence they have won 348 of them, 205 of those wins were at home, in fact they won more at home than away. They were AFC Champions 1990 through 1990, in 1995 they won the Wild Card Playoff game only to be eliminated in the next round by the Steelers (I hate the Steelers). In 1996, 1998, and 1999 they were also in the Wild Card Playoffs. Then things went downhill, and now they say, everyone wins in Buffalo, except the Bills.

This season I thought they were going to do great things. They have better numbers then the year before but started to falter halfway through the season. It was sad.

Then I noticed the Ravens. The first thing that caught my eye was their pretty purple uniforms, then the cute quarterback, then I saw that they had beaten the Steelers, TWICE! (I hate the Steelers) So I decided I would end the heartbreak and root for the Ravens. I even bought a shirt and dogtags and fuzzy purple striped socks, made them my team and believed they were going to the Superbowl. They ended the season in first place, they beat the Texans to advance to the AFC Championship, and last Sunday lost to the Patriots (I hate the Pats too, lot of hate on my blog today).

Here’s what I can’t figure out. For all intents and purposes, I am a ‘bandwagon’ Ravens fan. Just joined this year, because they are purple and they were winning, so why do I feel so down, the same down feeling from the Bills losing or the Yankees losing? Someone suggested that it could be I am feeling this way because the Pats won, but I don’t think that’s all. I think part of it might be I became a Bills fan because I lived in Buffalo and stayed a fan because they are the only true NY team, while I decided on my own to root for the Ravens (for some admittedly girly reasons, although they are a good team). So there is a personal connection, and I definitely think I will root for them next year, after all I have a shirt and fuzzy socks.

just an update

Yesterday I went to the game. The Yankees lost and I got soaked. I was also late to my nail appointment even though I left before the game was over. I got stopped by a police officer in Grand Central who wanted to know if they won. I couldn’t tell him.

So I was late to my nail appointment. I didn’t lose any sleep over it. Then after I stopped to eat something. Jalapeño poppers. I have been thinking of them since last Saturday. So I ordered some and some Jameson Irish Whiskey, which turned out to be the perfect end to my day. Except when I went online later, I could not remember what I wanted to do!!

Free baseball

As I type this post I am watching the Rays vs Red Sox game. It is the 13th inning and the score is …. 0-0. When I turned it on the bases were loaded for the Red Sox with no outs, yes they did not score.

I really shouldn’t still be up watching this but since I need to type a blog post I am. Then when I go to bed I have to clean off my bed because we were once again cleaning and packing. I am still working on my bedroom. I have not even gotten to my other room. I am such a loser.

Some days things happen that make me feel totally useless or worthless, whatever word you prefer to use. Just had the 400th pitch of the game. Today was one of those days. I haven’t decided if I really want to say what happened, but I was pretty upset after, I’m not upset now. I will just say I am glad I am not going to see certain people again.

so yesterday

instead of writing a blog post I went upstairs to watch the game. So now instead of being ahead of the number of posts I need to catch up I have fallen behind again.

Part of the problem is trying to balance everything, cleaning (which involves deciding what to take and what to get rid of), packing (what can I pack now and what do I need), with all the things I want to keep up, watching baseball and typing blog posts. So when I get asked to go upstairs to watch that means everything get pushed back and messed up and it kind of annoys me. I could say no, but I don’t ….

Pretty soon, my time will be my own, I will be able to spend all evening on my computer if I want all by myself. Can’t wait.

No Baseball tonight

Home run derby tonight and tomorrow is the All Star game. I don’t know if I’ll be watching but Cano won the home run derby, edging out Adrian Gonzalez. Classic New York Yankee versus Red Sox. Every time someone said something to me I replied, Are you AWARE NOW? Just to say it.

Time to sleep, and I am wondering if I should change the title of my blog, I have some ideas but they all seem kind of lame or like I am copying someone.

The pictures are posted here, here is the written account.

They were selling $500 and $100 dollar tickets. $500 you got to meet the athletes face to face and pictures etc. We didn’t have money for the $500 so we got the $100. Em already had tickets for the game as part of her Saturday plan. The event was to start 90 minutes after the game, the e-mail said to report an hour so that’s what we did. We right behind this annoying woman. You know the kind, bossy, know-it-all, tries to run the event. Of course we kept running into her.

The event didn’t start on time, the guys were running late, after the $500 people were in, we were allowed to go up to the door, our names were marked off the list, we got wrist bands and drink tickets. As we were waiting to come in. The door opens and Nick Swisher walks out. Everybody kind of mini freaked out. Except me, I maintained my composure (major freak out).

So then we went inside and it was great! Nick Swisher and David Robertson came up to the divider and talked to fans and signed autographs and posed for pictures. Then the guy went over to mix drinks, I went over and starting taking pictures of Boone Logan with my phone and sending them to another friend. She was dying, her boyfriend asked me to stop. The athletes aren’t allowed to actually serve people, but Boone Logan poured my drink. Squeee! That’s where I got his autograph, he was kind of hanging back earlier. It was a great experience.

One last thought. David Robertson is way cuter then Nick Swisher. Truth.

“A” Ball

As in the Hudson Valley Renegades versus the Staten Island Yankees. We went because Dutchess Stadium, the home stadium for HVR is about 2 miles from my house. We cheered for the SI Yankees though. Minor league ball is played with the same rules as major league ball, but it is a completely different experience. For one thing,

Giant raccoons! For another thing, shortstop #2 is not Derek Jeter and pitcher #52 is not CC Sabathia.

Normally Saturday is my day to play in Manhattan. However last weekend I had planned to come down Sunday with Gwen since Em and D were going to the game on Saturday. The plan was to go with Gwen to church on Saturday, then go down Sunday to walk around, take in a street fair, just kind of hang out. However, Em sent me a text during the week asking if I wanted to go to the game Sunday, since I had already planned to be in the city with Gwen. So our plans changed. We went down early to go to a street fair and then took the subway up to the stadium for the game.

First we got watermelon, then we stopped to get glass necklaces. For the first time ever I had the roasted corn. So good, roasted with a little butter and salt, I will definitely be getting it again. Then Gwen got a banana strawberry crepe and I got a hot Italian sausage. I may never get another hot Italian sausage at the stadium again. It was so much better.

Then we headed up to the Stadium, forgot the 7 wasn’t running so instead of taking the D we took the 4 and met family from Ohio (Yankee fans) headed to game. Since I already wrote about the game, and since I am behind in my posting, I’m going to post my pictures from Manhattan in a couple of separate posts.