The pictures are posted here, here is the written account.

They were selling $500 and $100 dollar tickets. $500 you got to meet the athletes face to face and pictures etc. We didn’t have money for the $500 so we got the $100. Em already had tickets for the game as part of her Saturday plan. The event was to start 90 minutes after the game, the e-mail said to report an hour so that’s what we did. We right behind this annoying woman. You know the kind, bossy, know-it-all, tries to run the event. Of course we kept running into her.

The event didn’t start on time, the guys were running late, after the $500 people were in, we were allowed to go up to the door, our names were marked off the list, we got wrist bands and drink tickets. As we were waiting to come in. The door opens and Nick Swisher walks out. Everybody kind of mini freaked out. Except me, I maintained my composure (major freak out).

So then we went inside and it was great! Nick Swisher and David Robertson came up to the divider and talked to fans and signed autographs and posed for pictures. Then the guy went over to mix drinks, I went over and starting taking pictures of Boone Logan with my phone and sending them to another friend. She was dying, her boyfriend asked me to stop. The athletes aren’t allowed to actually serve people, but Boone Logan poured my drink. Squeee! That’s where I got his autograph, he was kind of hanging back earlier. It was a great experience.

One last thought. David Robertson is way cuter then Nick Swisher. Truth.