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Weight watchers progress (?)

Since the weather has been unbearable I haven’t really been paying attention to points. The stress of moving also has not helped.

This morning I was up, but still under 140 so for right now that is my goal. I know that is kind of working in reverse, for now it is the best I can do.


Last night there was an enormous black cat in my bathroom. She growled at me while I was getting ready for bed. She scared me.

Stitch had this friend Bane. It was too hot for him to stay in his apartment so Stitch brought him here, of course he brought his cat Jaden with him. From the way Stitch talked about her, I thought Jaden was a small cat, when Bane opened the case and this black behemoth jumped out, bigger them both our cats put together I was surprised. She ran down the stairs and went into my bathroom, apparently she decided that is her new home since she hissed at everyone who came in there.

Big hulking scary cat.