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Mine, Mine, Mine

My boss and I were talking about moving the other day. He has recently purchased a house and moved. He was telling me about when he was moving in and had to stop to get something to eat, so he heated something up in the microwave and ate it. As he was sitting and eating it, he had the thought, this is home now.

Today Em and I came down to the city, she had a nail appointment, I had a suitcase and some bags with stuff in them. The furniture store was delivering the stuff I had bought so we needed to be there. Em went to get her nails done, I went to the apartment to put things away, then I closed the window, locked the door and headed for the stairs. As I walked down the hallway I thought, “This is my hallway, these are my stairs, I’m home now.”


Has two locked doors to get in the building, between the doors are the mailboxes, which are also locked.

The stairs up to the fourth floor are narrow. The door to my apartment has two locks.

There is a fire escape. I feel like a real New Yorker in a typical Manhattan apartment.

Scary thoughts

When I first thought about moving I had some scary thoughts. After all I haven’t lived on my own in many years, so moving is a scary idea. Then the obvious security concerns of a woman living alone in the big city. To wit, I have been having visions of serial killers climbing in the window from the fire escape. Security bars? Those won’t stop a serial killer! You have to use a stake through the heart!

Then I was signing the paperwork for my apartment and there was something about bed bugs. It said there weren’t any my building. But when I got my lock I was looking at all the bed bug stuff, and there were bed bug proof seat covers for people to carry with them for when they have to sit …..

Wait a minute, I can get a bed bug infestation in my butt? Now I have another scary thought.

I’m. Going. To. Die.