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Another step

Today I met the real estate agent, I filled out forms, I looked at 4 apartments. Two I liked, one was o.k. and the 4th was a definite “NO”.

One of the ones I liked already had an application on it, the other one, I filled out an application, paid my fee for the credit check and put a deposit down. My credit is actually pretty good, big surprise there.

Now I am waiting to see if I got accepted.

Still terrified, and now coming up with new things to worry about, like: it’s a 4th floor walk-up, how will I get a bed up there? How will I get my blue desk (the one that has my computer stuff on it) into the apartment? There are other things that terrify me about moving. I’m saving them for my next post.


Blogging *FAIL*

Here I am writing a blog called “A commuter’s journal” and I forget to blog about my commute yesterday.

The commute where I got a tweet about a delay on the Hudson Line of about 30 minutes. Not much I could do since I was already on the train, and probably would have gotten on the train anyway since I don’t have any other way to get home. The only explanation was ‘Police Activity’.

As the train was going North, I kept hoping the problem would be cleared up before I got to it, there was no announcement made on the train …. until we got to Cold Spring. Then the conductor announce there was going to be a delay, but then the train started moving and then stopped, dead for 40 minutes.

Today Em sent me a text saying a woman was hit by a train. That would cause a delay.