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and again today

more cleaning, more packing, more feeling like crap.

It is so hard to think about what to take and what to leave, what you need and what you don’t, and what to do with the stuff you don’t need.

The stress is building, so I just keep reminding myself of the benefits of moving, the shorter commute, my own space. More sleep, more sleep, more sleep.


instead of writing a blog post I went upstairs to watch the game. So now instead of being ahead of the number of posts I need to catch up I have fallen behind again.

Part of the problem is trying to balance everything, cleaning (which involves deciding what to take and what to get rid of), packing (what can I pack now and what do I need), with all the things I want to keep up, watching baseball and typing blog posts. So when I get asked to go upstairs to watch that means everything get pushed back and messed up and it kind of annoys me. I could say no, but I don’t ….

Pretty soon, my time will be my own, I will be able to spend all evening on my computer if I want all by myself. Can’t wait.