Normally Saturday is my day to play in Manhattan. However last weekend I had planned to come down Sunday with Gwen since Em and D were going to the game on Saturday. The plan was to go with Gwen to church on Saturday, then go down Sunday to walk around, take in a street fair, just kind of hang out. However, Em sent me a text during the week asking if I wanted to go to the game Sunday, since I had already planned to be in the city with Gwen. So our plans changed. We went down early to go to a street fair and then took the subway up to the stadium for the game.

First we got watermelon, then we stopped to get glass necklaces. For the first time ever I had the roasted corn. So good, roasted with a little butter and salt, I will definitely be getting it again. Then Gwen got a banana strawberry crepe and I got a hot Italian sausage. I may never get another hot Italian sausage at the stadium again. It was so much better.

Then we headed up to the Stadium, forgot the 7 wasn’t running so instead of taking the D we took the 4 and met family from Ohio (Yankee fans) headed to game. Since I already wrote about the game, and since I am behind in my posting, I’m going to post my pictures from Manhattan in a couple of separate posts.