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New music

I just bought two songs from iTunes. I was influenced by Stace at My Brain Hurts.
Hungry like the wolf

Too Bad You’re so Beautiful

This morning I overslept. Not bad, but I was 30 minutes late. I really didn’t want to go into work, but I dragged myself out of bed and came in. I had two meetings today, one I forgot about until I got in and saw the e-mail. Our new regional director wants to get to know everyone. I believe the polite expression is, stuff and bother. Anyway, since I had to spend time in meetings I didn’t get to the work that piled up that lately I have been able to start whittling away at.

Also, I was updating one of my reports, and saving it to the H drive like I have been instructed, and it wouldn’t save. Then I got an error and the document closed, without my changes being saved. [insert bad word here] So when I went to the first meeting I was cranky, and then they were were just talking and talking and my head started to hurt.

And Asurion called, to see if I was enjoying my new replacement phone. So I called them and told them, No I’m not I had to return it to you, I included a letter with the details because no one returned my call. I didn’t tell them, you better get your shit together because I am ****ing angry, I am keeping my eye on you, like Sting.


In the city today, Em is in Vermont so I was all alone, I was going to tweet to see if any of my followers was watching the game in the city and could I join them, then I checked the game time, 9:00 p.m. There went that idea. Then I got in a mini fight with Em (she later blamed it on her husband, I’m cool with that). While in the city I got a Russell Martin shirt for Em’s husband and a shirt with “27 reasons not to be Red Sox fan” for Tuesday’s game.

Ashley checked my ear for me, the new piercing is healing fine and she told me what to do with the one that was bleeding. I was planning on going for tea and to a store I had a groupon for. My mood was entirely ruined for that before I left Ashley’s so I left NoHo and headed up to Grand Central Terminal.

Thinking I should come home I asked Stitch why he told his mom I was mad at them. He said he didn’t and then said “You don’t have to come home.” I was already up at Grand Central so I couldn’t go to the clothing store I had a Groupon for so I just started walking. I found a street fair and walked the whole length of it and back. I bought a hat, a necklace, some magnets, earrings and a watch that didn’t work. Then I stopped at a bar to have a beer, or two. I might go back there sometime if I need to watch the game when I’m in the city.

By the time I got home, the game was 20 minutes old. Big Stoppa was pitching. I thought Em wanted me to tweet game details, then she said she was following it on her iPad. So what the heck did she need me for? So I just tweeted spectacular facts about the game. But I think she didn’t get them because of all the other tweets she was getting.