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Mine, Mine, Mine

My boss and I were talking about moving the other day. He has recently purchased a house and moved. He was telling me about when he was moving in and had to stop to get something to eat, so he heated something up in the microwave and ate it. As he was sitting and eating it, he had the thought, this is home now.

Today Em and I came down to the city, she had a nail appointment, I had a suitcase and some bags with stuff in them. The furniture store was delivering the stuff I had bought so we needed to be there. Em went to get her nails done, I went to the apartment to put things away, then I closed the window, locked the door and headed for the stairs. As I walked down the hallway I thought, “This is my hallway, these are my stairs, I’m home now.”


Has two locked doors to get in the building, between the doors are the mailboxes, which are also locked.

The stairs up to the fourth floor are narrow. The door to my apartment has two locks.

There is a fire escape. I feel like a real New Yorker in a typical Manhattan apartment.

Scary thoughts

When I first thought about moving I had some scary thoughts. After all I haven’t lived on my own in many years, so moving is a scary idea. Then the obvious security concerns of a woman living alone in the big city. To wit, I have been having visions of serial killers climbing in the window from the fire escape. Security bars? Those won’t stop a serial killer! You have to use a stake through the heart!

Then I was signing the paperwork for my apartment and there was something about bed bugs. It said there weren’t any my building. But when I got my lock I was looking at all the bed bug stuff, and there were bed bug proof seat covers for people to carry with them for when they have to sit …..

Wait a minute, I can get a bed bug infestation in my butt? Now I have another scary thought.

I’m. Going. To. Die.

The American Way

Daniel Schuler has filed a lawsuit against the State of New York. Who is Daniel Schuler? On July 26, 2009 his wife Diane Schuler, killed herself and seven others in a wrong-way crash on the Taconic State Parkway. He’s also suing his brother-in-law, whose three daughters were victims.

Mr. Schuler claims “the highway was poorly designed and lacked proper signs.” I can agree with that statement, when you consider that the Taconic was originally a road through a park (thus the designation Parkway) and now is a major highway through New York State, it could be considered poorly designed. As for the signs, it was reported that Ms. Schuler drove past a “Do Not Enter” sign when she entered the Taconic driving the wrong way.

As she drove down the road, other drivers honked their horns at her. I have been on the Taconic and know there are few places to pull over, put bluntly, I hate driving on the Taconic, some parts of it are downright scary to me. However, poor design and inadequate signage do not give a pass to a woman who was driving drunk and high, especially with children in the car.

Her husband disputes such claims, saying that if she had a stroke she might have mistaken Vodka for water. His son says, “Mommy’s head hurt.” I think that if I had drunk 10 shots of Vodka and smoking weed, my head would hurt too. But that’s just me.

He also states that since his brother-in-law owned the minivan he is “vicariously liable.” I think Daniel Schuler is “vicariously liable” for not noticing a problem with his wife. I firmly believe that a person does not suddenly down a bottle of Vodka and smoke marijuana because they are having a ‘bad day’. If she had a mental problem, or depression that has been developing for a while that is something that someone should have noticed. Maybe Mr. Schuler is feeling guilty and wants to push the guilt off on someone else. Maybe he is just a greedy SOB that wants to make money off the death of innocent people.

Whatever his reasons, when his wife got behind the wheel of that minivan drunk and high, she was committing what ended up being premeditated murder. Since she’s dead she can’t be held liable for her actions. Pushing the guilt off on other people only serves to make other people who are already suffering, suffer more.

Diane Schuler, her 2-year-old daughter, Erin, and her three nieces died in the July 26, 2009, crash, as did the three occupants of the SUV: Michael Bastardi Sr., Guy Bastardi and Daniel Longo of Yonkers.

Facts for this article came from The Journal News.

Weight watchers progress (?)

Since the weather has been unbearable I haven’t really been paying attention to points. The stress of moving also has not helped.

This morning I was up, but still under 140 so for right now that is my goal. I know that is kind of working in reverse, for now it is the best I can do.

Last night there was an enormous black cat in my bathroom. She growled at me while I was getting ready for bed. She scared me.

Stitch had this friend Bane. It was too hot for him to stay in his apartment so Stitch brought him here, of course he brought his cat Jaden with him. From the way Stitch talked about her, I thought Jaden was a small cat, when Bane opened the case and this black behemoth jumped out, bigger them both our cats put together I was surprised. She ran down the stairs and went into my bathroom, apparently she decided that is her new home since she hissed at everyone who came in there.

Big hulking scary cat.

Heat wave

We are in the middle of a heat wave. I don’t like the heat. Today it seemed to be slowing the train down, not only that but the A.C. didn’t seem to be working, however it was not blowing out hot air so it was bearable. The car I was on seemed to populated with very loud children. In realty there were only about 2 or 3 of them, but they were really loud. It was very annoying. The mom had an iPhone, the screen was cracked and she didn’t seem to care. I almost cried.

During the day I was e-mailing Em about packing everything and how I kept finding things I had forgotten I had, and that I was ‘pretty lame’. She reminded me I am packing up 22 years of my life. I will get through this, or I’ll have a heart attack and die. Actually if this heat lasts much longer I’ll probably die.

This evening I went on Craig’s list and listed a bunch of stuff to sell. It probably won’t move, but it’s worth a try.

And that’s all, she says.

Last night we figured out that Stitch will only have to take me to the train station six more times.

In less then two weeks I’ll be in my apartment in Manhattan. I am so not ready, damn this heat! I can’t stay downstairs and pack when it’s this hot.

This is not how I planned it. I haven’t even got a bed yet.

Free baseball

As I type this post I am watching the Rays vs Red Sox game. It is the 13th inning and the score is …. 0-0. When I turned it on the bases were loaded for the Red Sox with no outs, yes they did not score.

I really shouldn’t still be up watching this but since I need to type a blog post I am. Then when I go to bed I have to clean off my bed because we were once again cleaning and packing. I am still working on my bedroom. I have not even gotten to my other room. I am such a loser.

Some days things happen that make me feel totally useless or worthless, whatever word you prefer to use. Just had the 400th pitch of the game. Today was one of those days. I haven’t decided if I really want to say what happened, but I was pretty upset after, I’m not upset now. I will just say I am glad I am not going to see certain people again.

and again today

more cleaning, more packing, more feeling like crap.

It is so hard to think about what to take and what to leave, what you need and what you don’t, and what to do with the stuff you don’t need.

The stress is building, so I just keep reminding myself of the benefits of moving, the shorter commute, my own space. More sleep, more sleep, more sleep.