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Weekly Photo Challenge: Water

This the fountain in the courtyard outside the side door of my office building. I like how the water looks like a bowl.


are either idiots, morons or soulless bastards. Or they are all three.

The e-mail I got said I was going to get an iPhone4 32g blk, so did the packing slip. When I plugged the phone into my computer to activate it, iTunes said it was a 16 gig phone. I was pissed, I called them, got nowhere, called again, got a little farther and then the call was disconnected. So I called a third time, and finally got to some one that told me he couldn’t help me, someone would have to call me back. I am still waiting. As I was waiting I decided I probably shouldn’t be using the replacement phone, since I might damage it, so I reactivated my phone with the broken screen, bought an ugly case to keep the pieces together, although you can still see the crack, and packed up the replacement phone.

Now I have to write a letter and not say, “Listen you morons, you really fucked up, now ship me the right phone!”

All of this reinforces my belief that I don’t deserve nice things. I am never buying another iPhone. I will settle for lesser quality stuff since I am such a loser jerk.

sucks. I really mean it. I have spent most of the past week totally convinced I am a loser and don’t deserve nice things.

My phone came, they sent the wrong one. I realized that as I was on the phone with Verizon because I was having trouble activating it. I mentioned to the customer service that the phone was a 16 gig and should be a 32 gig so after the phone was activated he switched to Asurion so I could get explain the problem to them and get the right phone shipped. I got to their automated phone system where after listening to them tell me my phone had shipped and gave me the routing number I got a list of choices. Of course none of them were, ‘we shipped you the wrong phone’, so I had to guess, not that it did any good since the call got cut off. So I called back. This time I got through to customer service and after talking to her she had to switch me to ‘Technical support’, and once again the phone call was cut off. So I called back, this time I went straight to ‘Technical support’ and talked to a man, who couldn’t help me. He took my number and said an ‘adjuster’ would call me within ’24-48′ hours. I am still waiting.

So the past two days I have been very upset and at times crying, fully convinced I am a loser, don’t deserve nice things and don’t deserve to be happy.

This morning

Was educational. I learned that Bruno Mars is a cutie-pie. And I learned, the length of time it takes to get from GCT to LIC is the same as the time it takes to listen to every Beatles song on my iPod.

Which means I need to buy more Beatles music.

Random thoughts

As I wait for my replacement iPhone I think maybe I shouldn’t have nice things. I haven’t even paid the bill for my phone and I dropped it and shattered the screen. Now I am thinking of what I should have done ….

My Palm Pre Plus was less then a week old the first time I dropped it. I also dropped it at Yankee Stadium when Swisher hit a home run.

I bought this really pretty wallet, it wouldn’t fit in my purse. So I bought a new purse, yesterday the strap broke and I had to throw it out, then scrounge around for a wallet that would fit in my purse. Now my wallet doesn’t match my purse.

If I didn’t have asthma and allergies I would need to carry emergency medicine and I could carry a smaller purse.

Speaking of asthma, I am still coughing with that nasty dry throat hurting cough. The one that wears me out and makes me cranky.

And that is all, says she.

Ah spring

That magical time of year when the days get longer and warmer, or at least are supposed to, green grass and flowers start to stick their little plant heads above ground and produce pollen. Sales of Benadryl skyrocket and allergists start to really earn money. Those of us with asthma triggered by our allergies stand around coughing into our jacket cuffs hoping the full blown asthma attack holds off until we find our inhalers, while onlookers wonder if we have the plague.

Yes spring. Spring can bite me.

I was online, the connection was working, things were great, and then it died. I can’t even look to see the hint for today, which I need to do because I really can’t think of anything to say. I had a thought, an idea and when my connection died, I got so frustrated I just lost it.

And that is all, says she.

If you have every looked at my sidebars you know that I am on twitter. If you follow me on twitter you know that I don’t tweet as much as some, but I do a fair amount. I ‘tweet’ with a lot of Yankee fans from all over the world.

One of them is in New York, whether for business or a vacation I haven’t been able to determine, I think it might be a little of both. He has been going to the Yankee games and Saturday I tried to meet with him, I was standing in the aisle yelling and waving and he and another Yankee fan I know from twitter didn’t hear me. For the rest of the evening I was harassing him, accusing him of ignoring me.

Today when I asked him what was up, he said, I have no plans want to meet? I sent him the address of the bar/pub near my office and he met me there, where we ate and chatted and had a generally good time.

He left his hat at the restaurant, I started teasing again that I had stolen his hat because I was a creepy stalker. He also has a really sweet Honda motorcycle.

So this is not the first person I have met through twitter but I have to say this is probably the most effort someone has put forth to meet me. Kind of amazing when the only communication we have had has been on Facebook and Twitter.

Its nice meeting new people, of course one needs to be careful, you never know when someone might really be a creepy stalker.

Normally I would write about and put some pictures up, but with the connection problems I am having, I am behind on my Yankee blogging.

We were there for the whole day, Em and the boys got manicures. I took some spring pictures of Bryant Park, I will post them later. We went down to see Ashley and had some lunch with a Groupon. The place was just O.K., they didn’t fix Tigger or my burgers right and I got a stomach ache because they had dressing on mine.

The boys went to the train to go home, Em was very nervous, but they got on the train like they were supposed to. When Em asked Tigger if he could find it all right, he held up his smartphone. “Mom I have GPS.”

Em and I went to the game and watched the Yankees beat the Mets, yay yay yay.

And that is all, says she.

The mystery of my spotty internet connection that is. I took my laptop to the boy to look at and he did. He found no problems with the connection and while I was upstairs neither did I, until I came back downstairs to the room where I usually keep it and do my blogging.

It’s the room where my TV is, I like to watch TV and blog, I don’t know why, it’s like I a minor distraction in order to string my words into coherent thoughts.

The basement where my apartment is looks like this: when you come down the stairs the bathroom is to the left from the stairs, the next door over to the right from the bathroom is to my friend’s husband/son’s workroom, it has computers and tools in it, next to that is my TV/sewing room, my TV, sewing machine, laptop, printer and other miscellanea are in there. The last room, next to the back door is my bedroom. There is gray cabinet and the washing machine.

Here is the weird thing that is happening, when I go in the room where I normally go online, where I’ve been going online for a long time and never had a problem until the recent hacker business. Now I am having problems going online there. So I went in my bedroom. I was thinking since there is a window in my bedroom that would help. It didn’t.

So I went in the other room in the basement, the only room that’s not “mine”, and there it works. I went upstairs to tell the boy and he agreed with me that it is weird.

For now and into the foreseeable future, I will be typing my blogs in Word and pasting to WordPress. Such a pain in the butt.

That is all, says she.