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The subway line from hell

What do you think, should I rename my blog to the above? How about, “Perils of the #6 train” or “The #6 is so effed up”.

Monday I took the bus, it was an experiment. Yesterday I took the bus again, this time out of desperation.

When I got to the subway I was surprised to see my co-worker and neighbor Mel waiting for the train. I found out the reason was because the trains that had come before were so packed she hadn’t got on. So we waiting, every train that came by was packed. The whole train.

Finally out of frustration and desperation we took the bus. We got off at 59th to see if the subway was any better, it wasn’t. Two trains went by and every car was packed to the doors. There was no way I was getting on any of those trains. We left the subway and caught another bus. This time we rode all the way to GCT.

To get to the #7 one has to walk to the #6 train platform and take the stairs down. As we were walking across the platform for the uptown #6 train, Mel indicated the other platform, the one for the downtown trains. It was packed with people. I have never seen that many people on the platform. I wanted to yell at them, “Take the bus!”

I took me 1:45 to get to work. Next week, I leave at 7, everyday.

The mystery continues

The mystery of my spotty internet connection that is. I took my laptop to the boy to look at and he did. He found no problems with the connection and while I was upstairs neither did I, until I came back downstairs to the room where I usually keep it and do my blogging.

It’s the room where my TV is, I like to watch TV and blog, I don’t know why, it’s like I a minor distraction in order to string my words into coherent thoughts.

The basement where my apartment is looks like this: when you come down the stairs the bathroom is to the left from the stairs, the next door over to the right from the bathroom is to my friend’s husband/son’s workroom, it has computers and tools in it, next to that is my TV/sewing room, my TV, sewing machine, laptop, printer and other miscellanea are in there. The last room, next to the back door is my bedroom. There is gray cabinet and the washing machine.

Here is the weird thing that is happening, when I go in the room where I normally go online, where I’ve been going online for a long time and never had a problem until the recent hacker business. Now I am having problems going online there. So I went in my bedroom. I was thinking since there is a window in my bedroom that would help. It didn’t.

So I went in the other room in the basement, the only room that’s not “mine”, and there it works. I went upstairs to tell the boy and he agreed with me that it is weird.

For now and into the foreseeable future, I will be typing my blogs in Word and pasting to WordPress. Such a pain in the butt.

That is all, says she.