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Just testing


WordPress has updated the site. That includes a change to the mobile site. Now when I open it there is a ‘quick photo’ button at the bottom. So I clicked it and took a picture of my hat. It is now sitting off to the side paper clipped’ in place.

The reason I titled this post ‘Just testing’ is because I intend to leave it however it turns out when I click/touch publish. No tweaking after the fact.

In honor of Twitter

For some reason Ronald McDonald is trending on Twitter. It reminds me of this painting I saw:

I have been trying for the past 30 minutes to get the WordPress page to load. I was waiting for the game to end to do my Yankee post and then the computer went fluey on me. Yes that’s a technical word. I don’t know if it is on my end or their end, but if I don’t come back you’ll know why. Stupid technology.

Too sensitive?

Can a person be too sensitive? I have been told I am too sensitive, when I was a little girl the term was “Crybaby”. My response was to build a wall around me, not trust anyone and keep my feelings deep inside.

Of course that is all difficult to maintain long term. It runs the risk of being called the opposite, “cold”, which I have also been called.

Over the years I have tried to find a middle ground, and sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the effort. Sometimes I just want to close the door and hide from the world. Sometimes I do close the door and hide from the world. The problem is I don’t live alone and someone can always find me. Being caught sulking in your bedroom has its own set of social repercussions.

Along with the sulking is the seething jealousy at the people who are well adjusted socially and don’t say the wrong thing and have perfect poise. Of course no one is really perfect, but when your perception is that you do everything wrong, it is easy to think that there are perfect people. People who never say the wrong thing, so then I start to remember and catalog everything that they have said about me and done to me, all the laughing and calling attention to my faults that I am trying so desperately trying to hide from the world, and of course that doesn’t help matters much.

The wall needs to be fixed, there are too many gaping holes in it where my feelings are leaking out. I need to relearn how not to trust people and how to not care what people say.

Should you help homeless people? Whether you should or not, I have. I have donated to coats to the homeless and whenever I see the guys collecting for the outreach services that help the homeless I put money in if I can get to my wallet easily. Sometimes, I will put dollars in my pocket just so I can donate. Especially in the winter.

So while I help them, I don’t give them the money directly. But I do give money to programs that help them.

There are many reasons people may end up homeless and some of the homeless are children, that is my reason for helping.

For a while I was having trouble linking some of my blogs to my Facebook account. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not. I even sent an e-mail to WordPress to try to fix it. Everything they suggested I tried, to no avail. I was manually linking it but the whole situation was annoying me.

One of the reasons I switched all my blogs to WordPress was because of how easy it was to link to Twitter and Facebook. Just set it up in your dashboard, click authorize on Facebook and Twitter and blog away and all your blogs go where you want them.

Then D discovered someone was using our router. Someone that doesn’t live here and isn’t supposed to. So he disconnected the IP’s he didn’t recognize, (two of which were my laptop and iPhone) and reset the security so it is now very hard for anyone to hack into our servers.

The next time I went online, everything was much faster, and my connections from my blogs to Facebook are all working.

Spending the day in the city is always nice, we got a late start since the only thing planned, that we had a definite time for was the baseball game.

Em needed to get her ears checked, she mentioned to Ashley that I had a new hole and she was jealous. Ashley said she was going to make a rule that we had to come in together only. To avoid fighting I guess. We had lunch at a place called Corner Shop around the corner from the jewelry store where Ashley works. It was kind of a health food, organic food type of cozy little restaurant, omelets with mushrooms and spinach, breakfast burritos wrapped with whole wheat tortillas and chicken sausage. Good tasty food.

So then we took the subway up to Yankee Stadium for the ball game. Yankees lost, there was extra drama regarding one of the players. And we were sitting next to a section full of RedSox fans. When I got home I was so tired, that is why I am writing this on Sunday instead of Saturday evening.

Because I wrote about her blog. My motive was not to get a pat on the back, the suggestion was write a post about a blog you enjoy and that is what I did. To read what she wrote in her thanks to me, made me smile, gave me a goofy grin. It brightened her day.

Many times I don’t say anything when someone is down, I am afraid I will say the wrong thing and make them feel worse. Or maybe be taken as a platitude because all I can up with is what everyone else has already said. Unlike a friend who can be there, when the only place you know someone is online, how can you be there for them? Some have extended their figurative hand by putting out their e-mail, by letting people contact them through personal messages on Twitter and FaceBook. I also hesitate before taking that step.

It’s not from a lack of caring, it the result of extending my hand and getting it slapped. I understand that when people are hurting they may not want or be able to push someone away gently, it still hurts. I get hurt, then I feel guilty. Once again I have done the wrong thing and hurt someone I wanted to help. Just like saying the wrong thing can hurt, saying nothing can also hurt. Which begs the question, which hurts more? Is it better to err on being considered thoughtless, or being considered a bumbling fool?

Topic #123:

Topic #123: Pick a blog or blog post you enjoy and write a post about it.

This is a blog I enjoy, This Space For Rent Call 1-800-BITE ME, this is the Blogger that turned me on to “Postaday2011”. We encourage each other, well, she encourages me, I don’t know if I encourage her but I try.

My first introduction to Stacey was on Twitter, when I got put on lists of Yankee fans, then I followed her links to her blog. It is a mix of things, she writes about being bipolar, being a Yankee fan (like me!), sometimes she posts fiction she has written, sometime a collection of random thoughts. It’s always interesting.

My interest in reading about being bipolar is personal, my best friend in the whole wide world has two children who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and so I like to read about other people with the same disorder, perhaps in the hope that I can be a better ‘Auntie’ to her kids. Stacey’s blog is very helpful because she is very honest in it. She is very brave to put herself out there like that. I hope someday we get to meet. Except a part of me is afraid she won’t like me. There is my little insecurity showing.

So check out her blog, and that’s all, says she.

Pet peeves

We all have them, well most of us do. One of mine is people who don’t know what “I don’t know” means.

People come up to me in Grand Central and ask for directions. First of all, I’m usually walking around all dazed and confused, bumping into the walls and such, why anyone would ask me directions is beyond me.

Second, there is a freaking huge map about six steps away from us, go look at the map. But no, they have to ask me, “How do I get to Murray Hill?” “what subway goes up Lexington?” I know how to get to my office, I know how to get to my Dr and the dentist. Anything else I don’t know. When I say “I don’t know.” They rephrase the question. I still don’t know the answer but now that they have pissed me off, I lie. “Yes the 6 train will get you there.” The alternative is to snarl at them, “Look at the [#%^*] map.” So take the 6 train and have a nice life, where ever it takes you.

That’s all, says she.