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Because I wrote about her blog. My motive was not to get a pat on the back, the suggestion was write a post about a blog you enjoy and that is what I did. To read what she wrote in her thanks to me, made me smile, gave me a goofy grin. It brightened her day.

Many times I don’t say anything when someone is down, I am afraid I will say the wrong thing and make them feel worse. Or maybe be taken as a platitude because all I can up with is what everyone else has already said. Unlike a friend who can be there, when the only place you know someone is online, how can you be there for them? Some have extended their figurative hand by putting out their e-mail, by letting people contact them through personal messages on Twitter and FaceBook. I also hesitate before taking that step.

It’s not from a lack of caring, it the result of extending my hand and getting it slapped. I understand that when people are hurting they may not want or be able to push someone away gently, it still hurts. I get hurt, then I feel guilty. Once again I have done the wrong thing and hurt someone I wanted to help. Just like saying the wrong thing can hurt, saying nothing can also hurt. Which begs the question, which hurts more? Is it better to err on being considered thoughtless, or being considered a bumbling fool?

Happiness and joy

“The boy is overcome with happiness and joy. He has his iPad2. He says it is all my fault so he keeps hugging me.”

Those were his exact words. Happiness and joy. His face has been a grin all day. All my fault. I told him, I just loaned you the money. “No,” he says. “You insisted we had to go to the Verizon store before we went to Connecticut.” That’s where the iPad2 was. Probably the only store in the Hudson Valley to have some. Now they have none. The boy has his, Gwen has his old one, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that for today, I have filled his life with happiness and joy.

Now that I have done that, I am unsure what I should be doing the rest of the day. I think I will relax with a book.