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Hackers beware

For a while I was having trouble linking some of my blogs to my Facebook account. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not. I even sent an e-mail to WordPress to try to fix it. Everything they suggested I tried, to no avail. I was manually linking it but the whole situation was annoying me.

One of the reasons I switched all my blogs to WordPress was because of how easy it was to link to Twitter and Facebook. Just set it up in your dashboard, click authorize on Facebook and Twitter and blog away and all your blogs go where you want them.

Then D discovered someone was using our router. Someone that doesn’t live here and isn’t supposed to. So he disconnected the IP’s he didn’t recognize, (two of which were my laptop and iPhone) and reset the security so it is now very hard for anyone to hack into our servers.

The next time I went online, everything was much faster, and my connections from my blogs to Facebook are all working.


You know what Smurfs are right? Well they were in my iPhone today. I can’t prove it because I couldn’t see them, but I know they were here.

One of the first things I do when I get to work is check my personal e-mail. Since our internet use is monitored, I check it on my iPhone. I have 5 e-mail accounts, checking them on my iPhone is easy because I have all the accounts synced and I can look at all of them at once. An error message was popping up that my user name or password was incorrect, for just one of the accounts; also I hadn’t changed my user name or password. Those two facts, that it was only one account and I hadn’t changed my password lead me to the only logical conclusion.


As soon as they realized I could still check my mail through the web browser on my iPhone, they gave up their little game and I was able to check through the e-mail icon. Can’t trust anyone whose natural color is blue. Just ask any Star Trek captain.

Account Protection

This is probably a topic you are very familiar with, but I just thought I would add a reminder for all my readers. The above was the comment line on an e-mail I got, stated it was from G-Mail it stated:

Protect yourself against identity theft, spam & more. This is a mandate update for all our users. We are doing this verification to secure your identity on our new version data software for protection and efficient network.

Confirm Password:
Date of Birth:
Country/Region :

Note: Our Account Team will delete your Account permanently if your details above are not received upon receipt of this notification.

It seemed a little fishy to me. First why would G-Mail want my Password and Username? Second, why did this come to only one of my e-mail addresses? So I sent a text to Tigger. ‘Why would G-Mail want my password and username?’ His response: Don’t do it.

When I got home, I showed him the e-mail, he clicked on address details, and it was not sent from G-Mail.

So don’t send anyone your password.

I’m Back

I downloaded a new browser and now I can update from home. I ran some spyware and my computer seems to be working. I will let you know later how it goes.