This is probably a topic you are very familiar with, but I just thought I would add a reminder for all my readers. The above was the comment line on an e-mail I got, stated it was from G-Mail it stated:

Protect yourself against identity theft, spam & more. This is a mandate update for all our users. We are doing this verification to secure your identity on our new version data software for protection and efficient network.

Confirm Password:
Date of Birth:
Country/Region :

Note: Our Account Team will delete your Account permanently if your details above are not received upon receipt of this notification.

It seemed a little fishy to me. First why would G-Mail want my Password and Username? Second, why did this come to only one of my e-mail addresses? So I sent a text to Tigger. ‘Why would G-Mail want my password and username?’ His response: Don’t do it.

When I got home, I showed him the e-mail, he clicked on address details, and it was not sent from G-Mail.

So don’t send anyone your password.