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anne braden

Anne Braden, a young, white advocate of racial justice. She grew up in segregated Alabama, but it was not until her years in college that she began to actively speak out against that practice. In 1951, she led a delegation of southern white women organized by the Civil Rights Congress to Mississippi to protest the execution of Willie McGee, an African American man convicted of the rape of a white woman, and was subsequently arrested and put in jail.




>Wintertime is the time, it seems, that everything on the car breaks. First the mirror, well that was probably a snow plow. Then the oil needed to be changed, but Stitch didn’t make the appointment because of the snow forecast, then he forgot after that. He need to make the appointment since I have a card for a free oil change at the dealer. Anyway, the other day the oil light came on. Crap. But yesterday the oil light was off, as was one of the headlights.

When the other headlight burned out it was summer, the two pack was cheaper so I bought that, thinking the other light would go soon. No it waited until this weekend, when it is freezing cold to burn out. Fortunately I don’t have to change it. Also fortunate that Tigger know how and when I reminded him he said, “I’ll do it right now.” Two boys in the same family. So different.

Now I have to get out of this bed. I had a clever way of saying how I was still in bed and blaming it on sore muscles, when I have no idea if my muscles are sore, I haven’t used them yet today!

>Lovely day

>Em and I had a lovely day in Manhattan. We started early getting breakfast in town and taking it with us. We went to lunch at a restaurant she had a Groupon for called Ashton’s Alley. Very nice restaurant good food. Then we got massages, a place I had a Groupon for Graceful Spa or Services. Then it was time for Em to get her nails done and I got my broken nail fixed.

The nail technician was laughing when I told her how, I broke the nail when I fell and it was the worst part of my fall. “People were saying, ‘Are you all right?’ and I was saying, ‘Who cares? I broke a nail!”

Oh wait, between the massage and nail appointment we went to Annie Moore’s and had a drink, shared an appetizer and dessert.

Then home, cause I was tired.

Aftermath of a fall

This past Wednesday I fell (yes I am getting as many posts out of this as I can. You will soon be as sick of this as I am of the snow) and Thursday I went to see my doctor. Nothing broken, everything seems to be normal. He tells me to take Tylenol® for the pain and to take it easy. No problem right?

One would think that someone as lazy as me would have no trouble with the second part of those directions would you? After the visit I went to get something to eat. Then I decided, that since I was near Walmart I would see if they had any Splenda® Flavors for Coffee or Special K® Protein Water powder. They are not in many stores and I have had a hard time finding them. In fact I was going to write a blog post about the fact that things I really like I can’t find anymore.

Where was I? Oh yes, so anyway, there I was walking through Walmart with this gigantic bruise on my butt, with all the other sore spots, mainly on my right side. It felt like the right side of my body was shorter then the left side, that I was tipping over to the right like the leaning tower of Pisa(O.K. I don’t know which way it leans, just work with me here). I kept expecting people to stare at me like I was some kind of a freak. The whole time I was dragging myself along, I thought, “Why are you doing this? You’re supposed to be home taking it easy!” So I left Walmart, but not before I got a text asking if I could get Tigger from work. Sure no problem! To use up the time until I had to get him, I went to ShopRite and started walking around there. Yep, still leaning, still expecting to fall over at any minute, still wondering why no one was staring at me. Maybe they were, behind my back ….

>Held captive

>These past two weeks I have spent too much time in need of medical attention. Last week was because of the maintenance staff at my office building, this week was my own carelessness.

Each time I was sitting in the office or emergency department waiting to be seen, I got the same feeling. A feeling of being held captive. The nurse (or whoever) had taken my name and information, then left the room and I was trapped, I couldn’t leave. In the emergency room, they made me take my clothes off and put on this gown, that didn’t even cover me (and I’m not fat). So the feeling of being trapped was even greater. Plus its winter, I couldn’t run outside in that gown even if I could make it to the doors, which I couldn’t have cause Beth Israel has a huge emergency department and I got lost when I left. “Which way to the outside doors please?”

If made me wonder if this is a ploy on the part of the doctors. To make you feel inferior or helpless, so you’ll just automatically believe what they tell you. Or they can feel more important, because you have to wait for them to decide to come in and say, “So what brings you here today?” When I went to see my regular doctor the morning after my falls, I was the first patient there, I was even there before the doctor. So there was no other patient taking up his time, I was the only patient there, so why did I have to wait to see him!

It’s a conspiracy. I think someone should investigate.

Eventful Wednesday

So far this month I have kept up with the number of days. What I mean is, even though I haven’t posted everyday, I have made up for days missed with extra posts the next day. So I am feeling pretty good about my writing so far this year.

Another thing, is that I haven’t missed because I just blew off the blog. Normally I had a good reason. Like the day I was in the E.R. until 11:00 p.m. and didn’t get home until 2:00 a.m. Yesterday my reason for not posting was I fell. I will tell you the whole story.

Wednesday was my regular day off. I woke up with a horrible head-ache. I decided to get up because a lot of times when I wake up with a headache I end up feeling better if I get up and move around. So I got up, went to turn my computer on and then went to the bathroom. Instead of feeling better however, I started feeling like I was going to throw up. So I went back to bed, until Gwen knocked on my door asking if I got Em’s tweet which was Em asking if I could bring her a salad from Subway. So I dragged myself out of bed to do it. My thinking was, if I starting doing something I would feel better, and maybe some coffee and food would help get rid of my headache.

After pulling on my rainboots and coat I ran out to start my car, then I hurried back in down the 3 cement steps to my basement/apartment door, and slipped on the ice, hitting the brick wall on my way down. I bruised my butt, banged up my shoulder and broke my pinkie nail. I proceeded to get up and walk in the basement and cry to Gwen, “I fell!” However, since I could walk, I of course washed my hands, changed my pants and proceeded to do my errands.

While running my errands, I took a moment to make some calls. I called my doctor to see if I could get in to see him. Then I called my boss to tell him I fell and wasn’t going to be in Thursday. He said, “Take the rest of the week.” Then we came home, I decided to come in through the basement. Gwen said to be careful, I was careful, I promise I was careful. I fell again. This time I landed on my left side.

After the second fall, I decided to go get checked out. I went to Urgent Care and they took x-rays. Nothing broken. So I came home, and I was just too tired to write and ended up going to bed around 7:30.

>Little Miss Red Face

>My rosacea has flared up again. My doctor took me off the oral medicine, it can have severe side effects and she wanted to see how my skin would do without it. The cream she wanted me to keep using, increasing it to twice a day, and come back if it flared up. It didn’t.

So I started to slack off, only once a day, then once every other day, then whenever I thought of it and finally hardly ever. I used my gentle facial brush and the organic under eye cream and moisturizer and my face was looking fine.

Then today I walked in the bath room to use the toilet, and as I was looking in the mirror while washing my hands I saw it. That red flushed look in my cheeks spreading back from my hairline and up to the top of my cheeks that rounds under my eye.


So its back to using Finacea twice a day and it means I need to schedule an appointment since I will need another prescription for it soon.

It is just as well, my eczema is back too.

>You are probably tired of this by now

>it is so cold. I can’t get over being cold so you are just going to have to deal with me continuing to talk about it.

When I got up this morning I looked at the temp on my iPod, unfortunately it was for New York City, where I am not living, yet. When I saw the text from WeatherBug saying what the temperature was at home, I was kind of bummed that Andrew was up and wanting to take me to the train station. It was 1°F.

It’ll get warm some day.

>Seen in New York

>A woman carrying a dressmaker's dummy on the subway. Well it was a stop on 6th avenue. Then she got on the subway and set it on her lap.

Cinderella. Really! She was blond, wearing a blue ball gown and singing. And on her snow boots she had red flashing lights. That's Cinderella, right?

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