>My rosacea has flared up again. My doctor took me off the oral medicine, it can have severe side effects and she wanted to see how my skin would do without it. The cream she wanted me to keep using, increasing it to twice a day, and come back if it flared up. It didn’t.

So I started to slack off, only once a day, then once every other day, then whenever I thought of it and finally hardly ever. I used my gentle facial brush and the organic under eye cream and moisturizer and my face was looking fine.

Then today I walked in the bath room to use the toilet, and as I was looking in the mirror while washing my hands I saw it. That red flushed look in my cheeks spreading back from my hairline and up to the top of my cheeks that rounds under my eye.


So its back to using Finacea twice a day and it means I need to schedule an appointment since I will need another prescription for it soon.

It is just as well, my eczema is back too.