>This week D and Tigger left for Vegas to attend the CES Convention, so this weekend Em is in Manhattan. All by herself until Sunday, which is tomorrow now.

Friday I left work early to meet her. Well actually I left work early cause my boss left early and I just didn’t want to stay at work anymore. So we went to the MoS, then stopped at the Heartland Brewery on 5th between 33rd and 34th before heading to 36th and Madison so she could get her nails done. Actually since I didn’t need to get my nails done I popped into the library to use the computer. I found out I was better off using my iPod Touch with their WiFi connection then the computers, they are so old and slow. Em was really annoying me at the Heartland Brewery, I was looking at the beers and drinks and she kept saying, not on my program. Then when her nails were done she called me over for a brilliant idea. Take a cab to the hotel, then go to Flute for drinks and chocolate banana. This after she was nagging me about staying on program and saying I was going to blow my weigh-in! It was all good, I doubt the Heartland Brewery has top shelf Scotch and Bourbon.

As for blowing my weigh-in, I was down 2 pounds today.