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>More on Today

>With all the running around Saturday I forgot to go to the library. Sunday I had to catch the train before it opened. Today someone from the library called me. It was in response to an e-mail I sent about being on the waiting list for a book I requested. Apparently since Beacon owns the book, and I am picking the book up in Beacon, that puts me on a ‘preferred list’. I’m second on that list, I will probably still have to wait a few weeks for the book, but I have all the other books I requested, which I forgot to get on Saturday.

During the course of the conversation she mentioned my books needed to be picked up today or they would be sent back. “GULP” There was no way I could get there before they closed. Even though I felt horrible today and wanted to come home early, I wasn’t sure I could get anyone to come get me or take me to the library afterwards. She did me a ‘favor’ (I think) by checking them out for me and I will just be able to pick them up tomorrow. I have a couple of theories why, one being I don’t know how much work it is for them to take the books off the shelf and send them back or two, of all the books I have requested, this is the first time I haven’t been it to get them. Anyway, hopefully I will able to get my books tomorrow.


>Yes, I am somewhat of a pessimist so I was wondering how long it would take for me to fall behind in my writing and here it is the 10th of January and I only have 8 posts for the year. I need to do better. I think part of the problem is I start thinking about all I have to do, I have to write in this blog, I have to write a review of ‘The Flight of the Sorceress’, I have to write a review of ‘Woo Lae Oak’. When I start thinking of all those things, I get a headache and have to go lie down. Excuse me for a moment.

Saturday Gwen and I went to see Yogi Bear. I didn’t really want to, but I promised her I would. It was entertaining. My mindset was that it wasn’t going to be a great movie. So I wasn’t expecting more then it was. Gwen actually helped me with that, she asked me, “Is this like Looney Tunes? A movie that’s just funny, no real plot?” And when I said yes she nodded her head, “That’s o.k., I like Looney Tunes.” I do too, except I don’t have to pay for Looney Tunes!

Sunday I went to the city to meet Em. I had made an appointment at Halo, the salt air place.

Halo Air Salt Rooms
An Alternative Treatment for Respiratory and Skin Discomforts.

There is more information on their website, click on the name Halo and you will go there. It’s a safe link, I put it there myself. I always check links before I publish my posts.

Then we went to the Korean Restaurant, Woo Lae Oak, which I had a coupon for. Very good, but very expensive. I haven’t written my review yet, it will be up hopefully within the week. Then we came home. I went to the store and Em mopped the floor which meant I had to take my boots off when I came inside and then I forgot them so this morning I had to run upstairs to leave. I still made the train but forgot my food, so I was in a pretty bad way today. Back to last night.

Fred was downloading Beatles songs. He wanted to get the whole box set, but can’t afford it right now. So he was downloading the songs, then playing them and dancing to them. In all it made for a fun end to a day that started out pretty crappy.