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>A salute to saline

>Saline is wonderful stuff.

When we were kids we used to gargle with it when we lost a tooth. I’ve also heard it touted as a treatment for sore throats.

My piercer recommends it for cleaning piercings.

It works well for washing the snot out of your nose. Oh should I have said mucus from your nostrils? Same thing.

What? You want more? That’s all I got.


>And thus the week ends.

>The perfect week

My week started with finding out a dear friend’s husband had just left her. Then on Tuesday, a day I was planning to return some boots and get some candy for Em. Instead I ended up in the Beth Israel emergency room.

Then when I went to work Friday I forgot to take the boots to return. I was at work fretting about forgetting the boots when I got a text from Stitch telling me the driver side mirror had been hit and was broken.

So now I need a new mirror. It can wait, do I really need to see where I’ve been?

I hate cars.