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>It was so cold

>It was 7°F this morning, that’s -13.8°C, no I don’t just know this stuff I use a converter! You maybe wondering how cold is that?

It was so cold:

… by the time I got from my door to my car my fingers were hurting.
… by the time I finished scrapping the frost on my windshield you could have broken off my fingers.
… by the time I got from D.D. to my car my hot coffee was now iced coffee.
… by the time I drove to the gym the remaining frost was still frost.
… I washed my hair at the gym, by the time I got to my car my hair was a block of ice.
… there were reports from Connecticut of frozen titties. (credit for that goes to @alisonfaye

Some of those were made up. What outrageous things can you think of?


>Friday when I got the text from WeatherBug saying it was 9.3°F I knew that meant trouble. However since I was off work Wednesday I figured I should go to work anyway. Now I know some of you are saying 9.3°F is not sub-zero but look at it this way, it is below freezing, it’s 23° below freezing! And if we convert it to Celsius, (some of my reader’s use Celsius) it’s -12.6° which is below freezing, I am just going for an international flavor here.

To get back to what I was talking about, the next time it is that cold, I am not going to work. MetroNorth trains do not like the sub-zero temperatures. My first clue was when it was late to Beacon, come on it’s the third stop! Then the slow starts at each stop and the announcer saying, “Please walk to the open doors.” Alright, how stupid do you have to be to be told to walk to an open door to get on a train? Or is your brain just frozen? Then we had to change trains.

So I went from being a semi-happy girl snuggled up against the wall to an unhappy girl sitting between two business men. Or at least they looked like it. And with their blackberries and Wall Street Journal I was embarrassed to bring out my YA fantasy book. I don’t know why since I will probably never see them again and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t even care, maybe I should make that the topic of my next blog post.