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Aftermath of a fall

This past Wednesday I fell (yes I am getting as many posts out of this as I can. You will soon be as sick of this as I am of the snow) and Thursday I went to see my doctor. Nothing broken, everything seems to be normal. He tells me to take Tylenol® for the pain and to take it easy. No problem right?

One would think that someone as lazy as me would have no trouble with the second part of those directions would you? After the visit I went to get something to eat. Then I decided, that since I was near Walmart I would see if they had any Splenda® Flavors for Coffee or Special K® Protein Water powder. They are not in many stores and I have had a hard time finding them. In fact I was going to write a blog post about the fact that things I really like I can’t find anymore.

Where was I? Oh yes, so anyway, there I was walking through Walmart with this gigantic bruise on my butt, with all the other sore spots, mainly on my right side. It felt like the right side of my body was shorter then the left side, that I was tipping over to the right like the leaning tower of Pisa(O.K. I don’t know which way it leans, just work with me here). I kept expecting people to stare at me like I was some kind of a freak. The whole time I was dragging myself along, I thought, “Why are you doing this? You’re supposed to be home taking it easy!” So I left Walmart, but not before I got a text asking if I could get Tigger from work. Sure no problem! To use up the time until I had to get him, I went to ShopRite and started walking around there. Yep, still leaning, still expecting to fall over at any minute, still wondering why no one was staring at me. Maybe they were, behind my back ….


>Held captive

>These past two weeks I have spent too much time in need of medical attention. Last week was because of the maintenance staff at my office building, this week was my own carelessness.

Each time I was sitting in the office or emergency department waiting to be seen, I got the same feeling. A feeling of being held captive. The nurse (or whoever) had taken my name and information, then left the room and I was trapped, I couldn’t leave. In the emergency room, they made me take my clothes off and put on this gown, that didn’t even cover me (and I’m not fat). So the feeling of being trapped was even greater. Plus its winter, I couldn’t run outside in that gown even if I could make it to the doors, which I couldn’t have cause Beth Israel has a huge emergency department and I got lost when I left. “Which way to the outside doors please?”

If made me wonder if this is a ploy on the part of the doctors. To make you feel inferior or helpless, so you’ll just automatically believe what they tell you. Or they can feel more important, because you have to wait for them to decide to come in and say, “So what brings you here today?” When I went to see my regular doctor the morning after my falls, I was the first patient there, I was even there before the doctor. So there was no other patient taking up his time, I was the only patient there, so why did I have to wait to see him!

It’s a conspiracy. I think someone should investigate.

My day today

Ok, I got the kids to college, turned out the reason they wanted to drive was to pick up a friend and that friend ended up not going, as DG said, we could have taken the bus! And I thought, and I could have stayed in bed!

Then I went to the post office and the auto store (needed new wipers) then to the gym (YAY), then home to take a bath and to the doctor’s (he said my exam was normal, not me, just the exam LOL!) then to the sewing machine repair place (YIKES $$$) and then I stopped at B&N on the way to pick up the kids from college! WHEW! Busy day!

From Booktalk: (re: Pillars)

Lynne – the same character who committed the brutal rape you remember also orchestrated a gang rape of a farmer’s wife when a farmer couldn’t pay his usery fees, ended up savaging a prostitute followed by one of his men at arms, beat his 14 year old wife so he could reach sexual arousal to savage her, tried to rape another farmer’s daughter when her family saved her part way through the act, and the girl who was raped at the beginning was almost raped at the end by another man. I am probably forgetting some of the sexual violence. Ok – I didn’t write my main objection – he wrote the rape from the raptist’s point of view, in great detail, making it very titilating which I found revolting. I think Ken Follet is deeply disturbed. I really do.
The graphic detail was unnecessary and detracted from the book.