Ok, I got the kids to college, turned out the reason they wanted to drive was to pick up a friend and that friend ended up not going, as DG said, we could have taken the bus! And I thought, and I could have stayed in bed!

Then I went to the post office and the auto store (needed new wipers) then to the gym (YAY), then home to take a bath and to the doctor’s (he said my exam was normal, not me, just the exam LOL!) then to the sewing machine repair place (YIKES $$$) and then I stopped at B&N on the way to pick up the kids from college! WHEW! Busy day!

From Booktalk: (re: Pillars)

Lynne – the same character who committed the brutal rape you remember also orchestrated a gang rape of a farmer’s wife when a farmer couldn’t pay his usery fees, ended up savaging a prostitute followed by one of his men at arms, beat his 14 year old wife so he could reach sexual arousal to savage her, tried to rape another farmer’s daughter when her family saved her part way through the act, and the girl who was raped at the beginning was almost raped at the end by another man. I am probably forgetting some of the sexual violence. Ok – I didn’t write my main objection – he wrote the rape from the raptist’s point of view, in great detail, making it very titilating which I found revolting. I think Ken Follet is deeply disturbed. I really do.
The graphic detail was unnecessary and detracted from the book.