They had the Longevity Awards ceremony today, complete with cake and coffee. The coffee was really bad. I didn’t finish it. I told someone that I was still drinking it because I didn’t want to throw it in the garbage and make a mess, he said, “So just leave it somewhere, then it’s somebody else’s problem.” So that is what I did.

Bob got one of the awards, for 30 years. I don’t know the other people who got the 30 years but they were both in Division of Air. And someone wasn’t going to come because neither of the cakes were Kosher. So we had three cakes, chocolate, carrot and Kosher.

Not much else going on. M and I went to Allsport, I was a little upset because Stitch had my car when I got home and wasn’t going to be home until 8, but it worked out good because M wouldn’t have gone to Allsport if she hadn’t had to take me. Well, she didn’t have to, I didn’t make her, but she felt obligated. So we had a nice workout. I was going to dye my hair but didn’t feel like it after I got home so maybe tomorrow.

On another topic, I read an Inspector Banks novel. I like it so much, I am reading all of them, in order, you know how compulsive I am. There are only 18 to read. I am not going to reread the ones I read out of order. It is the type of series that you don’t really need to read in order, but it helps. Anyway, I am going to leave here so I can read some and maybe finish the next one. That way I will have 11 books read in March.