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Hi Y’all

Well, I am back, I had a very stressful day yesterday, with a collector calling and having to borrow money from my dad. I had gotten him and Mom a little booklet about the year 1954. Now I don’t think I will mail it. It seems kind of lame. And I still haven’t gotten a card for Karen and Carole. It is too late now. I will just have to write them.

I finished Atonement, of course you can see that by my list at left. I now have to decide what book to read next. I have to check the website. I have two books that I am reading, this will be a book to read on the train.

Coming home, I fell asleep, dropped my book, then when I got and was trying to gather my stuff I dropped my cell phone and it slid under the seat in front of me. I almost had to crawl on my hands and knees to get it.


Tre now has my number

Tigger said he prefers texting to Tre because I am boring. Everyone in the family agreed with him. D said people who haven’t met me don’t think I’m boring, I sent Tigger a text that said “Drill bit is my new name.” I guess that is why Tigger asked Tre if I am boring. Tre says how can I know, I don’t know her. So Tigger gives him my phone number. Then he sends me a text, “Hi Im Tre.” So I show it to M. She sends Tre a text message, he sends one back, she asks Tigger, “What does this mean in English?” Tigger says “Laughing my butt off.” He asks her, “What did you say?” She replies, “I told him you were crazy.”

So I never did reply to Tre. I am thinking about sending him a reply, “Hi, I’m Drill Bit.” I think I will wait and see if he sends me another text message.

I took this picture with my cell phone yesterday. I got this sweater from Macy’s on clearance sale.

We used too much chocolate in the cocoa yesterday. M and I put fat free half and half in ours. The kids drank theirs straight. Even Gwen who says she doesn’t like chocolate.

Oh and I downloaded the add-on to make tinyurls. It is pretty fun.


So why did I come to work today? Am I crazy or just plain stupid? I wonder how bad the roads are at home, the snow here is just falling and falling like it is never going to stop. I don’t know if I should go home early or not.

I know why I came into work, I just couldn’t stand the thought of staying home and doing nothing, which is what would have happened. So I left and came into work. Now when I get home, I will probably get stuck in the yard, like always. I wonder if there is a way I can get in and not get stuck?

Home now, I couldn’t find Amita in the parking lot. Little car was hiding from me. I did not get stuck in the yard this time, YAY for me. I am waiting for Tigger and D to get done shoveling snow so I can make hot cocoa for them. Actually, M measured out the chocolate, it just has to be put in the machine and heated.

How Now?

Yesterday was the eclipse. And Stitch turned 21. He thought that was pretty neat.

Got my refund, now I can pay my back taxes. Joy.

This morning I was stupid, I couldn’t find my keys, looked all around, on the ground in my bed, finally took my other set. On the train, I finally found them in the bottom of my pocketbook.


Very very cold yesterday. Very cold today. It also snowed.

I took some pictures of the puffer fish and sent them to Tigger. He loves our puffer fish. He thinks it is very cute.

I had my allergy shot and driving was bad, I slid across the road on the way home. I was so hungry. I didn’t really eat dinner. I had an asiago pretzel, a brownie, that’s all. I think I will either eat some cereal or go to bed.

I downloaded two more songs for Tigger. Yes I know, I am a sap. I paid for one and got the other with Pepsi points. I don’t mind because I usually put the songs on my MP3 player also.

I got ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for my ringtone. I was tired of the other. Silly I know. Anyway, Tigger said I should get the whole song for my MP3 player.

ho hum

So today I took Gwen to Blockbuster, she only spent $30 dollars on photography supplies so she was allowed to get a movie. She got some weirdo movies. I got Water and Waitress. I watched Water. I might buy it, I really liked it. Had a cute guy in it that was also nice. I don’t know when I will watch Waitress. I have the movie for a week, so maybe next weekend. I wish there was a way I could check online when the movies are due like you do with the books from the library.

Anyway, it wasn’t a concert last night it was an opera. Stitch really liked it. It was in Italian so I didn’t understand it, but they had a synopsis in the program so I knew what was going on. The music and singing was very good. During the intermission, M., Stitch, Tigger and I were sending text messages to each other.


I don’t know what I really want to say today. I missed my bookstudy, went to Border’s then to the Library. I picked up two books I had on hold “On Chesil Beach” by Ian McEwan and If You Love Me, You Will Do My Will by Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth. I also went on the computer and posted some to WW website.

Tonight Stitch and I might go to a concert. He needs to go for a class he is taking but the roads might be icy. We will see. I have the address in my GPS so we will not have a problem finding it.

I just patched up my nails. You know I just dabbed nail polish in the spots where I picked it off.

Right now I am watching CSI, the original Las Vegas version. I like all of them except for the Miami one. Only because of Horatio. I can’t remember the actor’s name. Anyway, I am pretty bored just sitting here watching TV. I need to do something. I have no idea what since the polish on my nails has not set yet. I think I will check the WW board one more time then get some M&M’s to nibble on. Soon I will have to get ready to go to the concert. I wish I had a big enough purse to put a book in.

Weird fish

The tank upstairs has puffer fish. Most of them died. They looked like this. One is real big and then there is a little one. I thought the big one had died. He was lying on his side at the bottom of the tank. But I was told he likes to lie like that. That he’s a ‘weird little critter’. I think he is quite ugly. Tigger thinks he is cute. I sent him this picture from my phone and he is quite happy now. This isn’t the fish in our tank, I got this from the web but he looks just like this. Puffer fish are carnivorous, I was also told they are fed frozen fish. I wonder how they thaw them out.

Tired girl

NYWEA conference this week. I am sooo tired now! My feet were sore after the first day, I got home very late and Tigger was already in bed. Tuesday, he rubbed my feet. Today they feel much better.

The awards lunch was today. Tomorrow we go back to work as usual.