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My plan was to log on tonight and clean up my blogs.

Today I went on WordPress and was appalled at how I had been neglecting my blogs. I started a new one to separate my stories from my crafts (because they are free so why not?) and saw how outdated they were. I was ashamed and decided that tonight I would fix that.

When I got home I …. started knitting. My red hat was just not turning out the way I wanted it to and so I had to start another. Then I opened my laptop and clicked on Chrome …. and nothing happened. An hour later after downloading and trying to reinstall, still nothing. I am fucking pissed.

Right now I am using Opera. But I couldn’t figure out how to transfer my bookmarks and of COURSE, I don’t have the websites names written down.

This is my life.

ho hum

So today I took Gwen to Blockbuster, she only spent $30 dollars on photography supplies so she was allowed to get a movie. She got some weirdo movies. I got Water and Waitress. I watched Water. I might buy it, I really liked it. Had a cute guy in it that was also nice. I don’t know when I will watch Waitress. I have the movie for a week, so maybe next weekend. I wish there was a way I could check online when the movies are due like you do with the books from the library.

Anyway, it wasn’t a concert last night it was an opera. Stitch really liked it. It was in Italian so I didn’t understand it, but they had a synopsis in the program so I knew what was going on. The music and singing was very good. During the intermission, M., Stitch, Tigger and I were sending text messages to each other.