Tigger said he prefers texting to Tre because I am boring. Everyone in the family agreed with him. D said people who haven’t met me don’t think I’m boring, I sent Tigger a text that said “Drill bit is my new name.” I guess that is why Tigger asked Tre if I am boring. Tre says how can I know, I don’t know her. So Tigger gives him my phone number. Then he sends me a text, “Hi Im Tre.” So I show it to M. She sends Tre a text message, he sends one back, she asks Tigger, “What does this mean in English?” Tigger says “Laughing my butt off.” He asks her, “What did you say?” She replies, “I told him you were crazy.”

So I never did reply to Tre. I am thinking about sending him a reply, “Hi, I’m Drill Bit.” I think I will wait and see if he sends me another text message.

I took this picture with my cell phone yesterday. I got this sweater from Macy’s on clearance sale.

We used too much chocolate in the cocoa yesterday. M and I put fat free half and half in ours. The kids drank theirs straight. Even Gwen who says she doesn’t like chocolate.

Oh and I downloaded the add-on to make tinyurls. It is pretty fun.