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Didn’t tell you I have a new ‘title’. Dubbed Princessa Libro di Omicidio on the 25th day of January 2008 by Mary Ann

Car trouble

So the only problem with Stitch using my car is he doesn’t always feel like coming to get me and if D comes to get me he is always late. Tonight, not only was he late, but he didn’t stop where I was waiting but drove around to the other side and so I had to walk over and then he says any longer I was going to drive home. Like I have to wait 10 minutes in the cold rain and he can’t wait 1 minute.


Today was roll call for the exercise police. A day for regular posters to introduce themselves.

Hi all. Finally got back. Here is my introduction, I copied FloZ and changed it to fit my life.

Name…Suzibellr, the Suzibell is what my maternal grandfather called me. R is for Rachel, my middle name, Suzibell was not available. In real life I am known as Suzanne or Rachel. The family I live with calls me Suzi. My ‘pop star’ name is Nikki Foxx.
Age: 39 or 45
Home:, Beacon, NY; 70 miles north of New York City on the majestic Hudson River in the Mid Hudson Valley, across said river from Newburgh.
Occupation: I am employed by the State of New York, I work in Queens, NY.
Family: No husband or children of my own. Had a dog once, a cat once, a hamster once. Currently living with my best friend and her family. It has been so long her children think I am related. Her children are 20, 18, 15 and 13, all have bi-polar disorder to varying degrees, 2 have aspergers syndrome, 1 is ADHD, 1 was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder.
Pets and Hobbies: In the house I live in there are 2 cats, Butterscotch and Sassy, 2 parrots, Woodstock and Petie (was Peter until we got Woodstock and then Pete laid an egg, literally) 1 guinea pig named Katie. I love reading, gardening (except I am terrified of poison ivy), cross stitch, jewelry making, knitting and crocheting.

More snippets

Hi there my message yesterday got cut off because I had to many characters. Now I forgot what I was going to say. Something about DMR’s, this one got cut off to, not as soon cause I took out the “Bella >^. .^<"

We were laughing at people sneaking books into the bathroom to read them. I suppose that is better then sneaking into the bathroom so the boss doesn’t see you crying. Then lying to him when he says “I know you are mad at me.” I mean, what am I supposed to say, “Yes, and I have been in the bathroom crying I am so mad at you.”


M and kids are going to Patterson for tour and lunch. They are having salmon. That is one reason I am not going. I am trying to work up the energy to go work out. It is not easy when Tigger keeps sending me text messages. I really should go. I haven’t formally exercised since Hector was a pup.

I don’t know who Hector is, I just know that is an expression my Mom always said. Or was it M who always said that?

Well, I think I will go now. I am just going to make myself go.

Hi all. I got back from the gym, had a nice time, didn’t have to rush so after my shower put my color stuff on my hair and spray on leave in conditioner and combed it (my hair is so thick and long it takes me 10 minutes to do that). I was getting ready to post here and my friend got home and wanted to go to the mall, so I left with her. First we got manicures. I haven’t had one in so long, I had forgotten how nice my nails look polished. Then we went to the mall and did a little shopping, some walking around, I got some blush at Sephora, she got cooking stuff for her and the little chef at W&S. We stopped for ice cream on the way home, (yes ice cream, it was warm in the ice cream shop) and after dinner she made pumpkin muffins. So that was my day.

Tigger said he would help me, now he is bailing on me.

I wanted to go to Target to check prices on things I found on Tigger came with me, he wanted to go to Best Buy.

He couldn’t find what he wanted at Best Buy, so he asked to go to Circuit City. I wanted to go home, I told him, I have to get my garbage together and I want to do that before it gets late. He said he would help me. So we went to Circuit City.

When we got home and I said I was going to take care of my garbage, he ran upstairs. I hollered after him, “You said you would help me!” Still no Tigger.

After I got it all in the bag I sent him a text message, “U said u would help me if I took u to Circuit City. I need your help now.” So he came downstairs and put it in the garbage can outside for me.

Rest of the day

I like this font. So the rest of the day was not so bad. We cleaned. I wanted to get gas in my car, and go to the library, so M wanted me to get lunch. So Stitch went with me. I parallel parked at the library! I returned one book, got two books, they had to reorder one book that had not come. Then we went to Arby’s to get lunch.

We were cleaning because Hardins were coming for dinner. We had fun and the kids were crazzzy excited to play together. In the midst of all this the calls came for M. So now I am sad, not extremely, just sad.

Two texts to share from M: Sat. Jan 19, 3:35 pm
karen called
dad is in a coma ….the nurse
says 12~24 hours

From: M Sat. Jan 19, 6:11 pm

dad died at 545

Hi All.

Stitch passed his test. Then he hurt his foot so he couldn’t drive. Tomorrow when he gets home from college he is driving my car home from the train station. He is nervous, more nervous than me and its my car.

I had a melt down the day M came home from Florida. I don’t think anyone noticed. Maybe Tigger, but I don’t think he grasped the significance of it. I took Stitch to get his hair cut and to lunch, and had to pay for it myself so I was upset. While we were gone, D took Tigger and got him an orange enV. So when we got home Tigger got in my car before I got out, took the phone out but I didn’t notice it was an enV. So then he called me stupid, which got me upset. So I texted him, so I’m stupid leave me alone. After a couple of texts saying the same thing, he got the idea I was upset so apologized. But by then I was under my blankets bawling.

I had to take out two books from my list because I have not finished them yet but have finished other books.