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When I get my hair done at a salon, which costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time, I have certain expectations. The first two being that it is not going to be cheap and it is going to take forever. I also expect that my hair is going to be shiny and pretty and look much better then when I color it myself in my bathroom. I expect the ends to be trimmed and even.

What I don’t expect is to end up with hair dye on my top. And yet, when I took my top off after getting home from the salon, and then tonight after soaking said top in detergent and water and then washing it in the new super duper high efficiency washer, that is exactly what I have on my pink “Five for Fighting” top. A small spot near the bottom that is indeed hair dye.

Not happy.


Missed it

Missed posting every day by 53 minutes. When I tried earlier the Wi-fi was not working. I know I could have sent an e-mail, like I do at work but I just didn’t feel like it. Had a bad day, not the whole day, but you know how one upsetting thing can ruin your whole day? That’s what happened to me. Except I had two things happen, it was only when the second thing made me cry that I realized how upset I was about the first thing.

The second thing was I got yelled at. Not in person, over the phone, that was when I realized my best friend would rather spend time with someone else than with me, so does that mean we are not best friends anymore? I don’t know and I am trying to convince myself that it doesn’t, that we are still best friends, but I can’t ask her about it, so maybe we aren’t. My stomach is all tied up in knots now. I wish I had some beer or vodka or anything.

Rest of the day

I like this font. So the rest of the day was not so bad. We cleaned. I wanted to get gas in my car, and go to the library, so M wanted me to get lunch. So Stitch went with me. I parallel parked at the library! I returned one book, got two books, they had to reorder one book that had not come. Then we went to Arby’s to get lunch.

We were cleaning because Hardins were coming for dinner. We had fun and the kids were crazzzy excited to play together. In the midst of all this the calls came for M. So now I am sad, not extremely, just sad.