Missed posting every day by 53 minutes. When I tried earlier the Wi-fi was not working. I know I could have sent an e-mail, like I do at work but I just didn’t feel like it. Had a bad day, not the whole day, but you know how one upsetting thing can ruin your whole day? That’s what happened to me. Except I had two things happen, it was only when the second thing made me cry that I realized how upset I was about the first thing.

The second thing was I got yelled at. Not in person, over the phone, that was when I realized my best friend would rather spend time with someone else than with me, so does that mean we are not best friends anymore? I don’t know and I am trying to convince myself that it doesn’t, that we are still best friends, but I can’t ask her about it, so maybe we aren’t. My stomach is all tied up in knots now. I wish I had some beer or vodka or anything.