>I can’t remember the rest of the line from that song, I think it is, ‘Can’t trust that day’. Anyway, yesterday was kind of a do nothing day. After my meeting I went to Panera for lunch, then after I got home I went for a walk, down to the park and around the park and when I stopped at Ron’s I got a bottle of water, no ice cream. That was all. I waxed my lip and used that cream/lotion I got at Sally’s and my lip is not red today. I also waxed my right underarm, I have to get some wax strips so I can wax my left tonight. I took a Tylenol® P.M. and I think that is why I overslept today, or it could have been because I drank too much water during In Plain Sight and had to go the bathroom two times during the night. Stitch needed my car but I didn’t know it so he had to pick it up at the train station. Then he calls me as I am crossing the street to tell me Tigger put the emergency brake on and he couldn’t get it off. I got to work at 9:08 only to find out that our e-mail program is down. That is my day so far.

I asked Stitch why Tigger put the emergency brake on, he said, We were waiting in the car and he got bored and we had already pushed every other button. Sound like Tigger?

Went to Sally’s to get wax strips. Of course, as I was walking by the nail polish, I had to buy some. A lavender and sort of red color. I am going to do my nails now and other stuff that needs to be done.