>Made it to the meeting on time, just me M and Gwen went. D is at regional this weekend. On the way home I got a text that I have sold another book, in a minute I will have to tape it up to take tomorrow.

Yesterday I was sort of cleaning my closet and found a bunch of clothes, that I threw away and my old black leather briefcase, I asked Dawn if that would be acceptable in Donated and she said yes. So I cleaned it out and will take it Wednesday. I did not get out in service this weekend. I will try again next weekend.

After I got home from Target, where I went to get the envelope, M wanted to go for a walk, so we walked to the park. That is a mile, even though we didn’t walk fast, at least we were moving our buns. We went to Ron’s when we go to the park, I just got water, and M guessed that I had already gone that day!

On the way back, she said I have a question about the sign for that school, she was talking about the slogan for the Christian School, it says, “Educating one mind at a time”. She said, what about the rest of the class? She always has something thought-provoking to say about these things.

Well, I won’t be able to mail the book until Tuesday, I ran out of tape. It is O.K. I have until Tuesday to mail it. I really don’t want to use the tape at work, not for a book I sold. I look at my rating and I have 5 stars. One person rated me at 5 stars and said “Great!” in the comments.

Well, enough chatting for today. I have to work tomorrow. I will see you then.