>I made it to the train today. Left the same time as yesterday, but today Stitch drove me, which means a. I didn’t have to park, b. I didn’t sit in my car for a minute when I got there. The train was in at 6:16 a.m., two minutes early. I have more to say but I can’t remember and I am at work so I can’t be on here too long.

Allergies, I hate them. I had my allergy shot last night and today I am grumpy and my arm hurts and my throat is scratchy. That did not look right but according to word it is right.

I had typed out another e-mail to send here, but it got lost in my phone. Actually, I haven’t checked my phone to see. BRB.

OK the only thing still in the phone is the subject, but not the body, weird, other body of text are there. I didn’t write down what I was thinking, so I can’t repeat it. It had to do with Tigger getting a ring tone (finally!) and that it is “How to save a life” by the Fray, he likes it because it is loud. I like my Eyore one for the same reason. I am sure there was more to it, but I can’t remember. The subject was Tigger is home, I probably wrote and he just sent me a text to say he got a ringtone!

On the way home I went to the other bathroom in GCT and I don’t like it as much. For one thing, you can’t see all the stalls so you can’t tell when one is available, the other thing is it is much LOUDER then the one I usually go to.