>This morning I left a tiny bit late for the train, not so late that I would miss the train but at that iffy time, then I saw the garbage truck, so I turned on Kent thinking I could go behind the high school on the one-way street that connects Kent to Verplanck, except it is one-way going the wrong way. There are no other streets that connect Kent to Verplanck, I know this for a fact now, I only suspected it before. So I wasted precious time, I was still angry when I got to the train station at 6:18, but the train wasn’t there, it didn’t show up until I was halfway across the parking lot so I made it. I was glad because it was crowded and the next train was probably even more crowded.

I am continuing my streak of dropping things on the floor, last night, or this morning, I dropped my tampons all over my bathroom floor.

So Stitch met me at the train station because he was up in Poughkeepsie today. When I got home I parked too close to D’s van and he told me to move my car. I just wish he would say things in a nice way, not in a way that makes me feel like a freaking idiot. So when I came in I was mad and said I’m not hungry and went downstairs, so Tigger send me a message asking how I am and when I said fine he replied, “u seemed slightly perterbed when u were up here”. He is all happy with himself for figuring it out, but its no big deal, I have never been able to hide my feelings. Except from my family, but then they are mostly clueless. Anyway, I then went to the grocery store to get food for tomorrow, now I have to make my lunch, except I forgot to get an icepack and toilet paper. I will have to steal some from M.