>I already had my lunch, I am hoping we get to leave early. We didn’t get to for Memorial Day so who knows. I sat in the park to eat my sandwich and watched the people walking by, it was very interesting. I am very tired today, I really need to get some sleep tonight. I think I might need to take something.

I couldn’t send this from my phone, I had to type it on the computer. I really don’t like doing that. That has happened a few time. I am going to do only short posts from now on, and just combine them when I get home.

Still Here

Kind of like still crazy, looks like no more leaving 2 hours early before a holiday. Well it was never official or a sure thing, it was just a nice thing that happened. I am sending this from gmail since hotmail is having problems

Tigger lied to me, he said he was going to be talking to me all day and I have like 10 text messages from him.