>Been a good week for me, I have not wanted to get up every morning.

Last night when I got home, one of the kids had gotten ice pop on the floor in front of the freezer, on the floor in my bathroom and all over my sink, they denied it of course. They have also been leaving the basement door unlocked. I told Tigger I want it locked, I don’t trust their friends as much as they do, ok, I don’t trust their friends at all. Now I have to get my lunch, it is another hot, brutal day, I hope I don’t melt.

Tigger sent me a text they were going swimming and I asked him to make sure the basement door is locked. He replied, Already Gone. Sigh, he does not seem to grasp the need of locking up. However, when I got home, the door was locked.

The crocs came today, M loves hers, I think Gwen does too but I am not sure, I like mine. I left work early and went to the Crocs store to get some more Jibbits for Ms crocs. It would take me a lot less time to get there if I could remember where the stupid place is, this time I turned the wrong way on Columbus!

For those of you who are reading this and wondering why I am using this personal thoughts blog to talk about the weather and the kids and my shoes, I made a commitment to post every day. So far I have kept it. If I have to come on here and post I got up I went to work I came home, well that is what I will do to keep this commitment to myself. I know from experience that the more I write the better it gets. The problem is, I usually come up with these things when I can’t write or send an e-mail here or type here. I have to work on remembering what I think, then I will have a more interesting blog.