>when my alarm goes off the first time.

I thought I was o.k. with 12 minutes to get here but the train was early, so now I am stuck having to ride the 6:33 crowded express train, I have also had to stand here since 6:18, see I got on the platform in time to see the train leave.

Tigger sent me a text to thank me for the cinnamon, I left it in the gray cabinet with the food, next to the LaffyTaffy. The LaffyTaffy was gone, I am surprised he didn’t say anything about it. I guess he realizes that I eat it too and so I would know when it is gone. The bag of Reisen is not open, I wonder if he forgot about it. It’s not in the gray cabinet it is in my fridge.

He has taken to hugging me when I get home, not a real hug just a kind of arms around but no squeezing. Today he did it while watching T.V.

When I stopped at Target, I was just going to get cat food and toilet paper. I ended up getting the LaffyTaffy, color safe bleach, a game for my GameBoy, a hair removal device called Epi/Slim by Emjoi, popcorn, dishwashing liquid, 6″ rulers, Cottonelle moist wipes. I think that is all, it came to $86. I couldn’t find my debit card though, fortunately, I had enough cash, and after I paid, I found my card in my back pocket.

Now I am going to get some frozen calcium. I am totally addicted to Ron’s Roadrunner Raspberry. It is vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirls and little cups like Reeses cups except with raspberry inside them instead of peanut butter.

Grace, a woman who posts on a WW thread, has dissed Chicago, she said it is not the same band, I am not going to say anything back on the thread because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I do not want to start anything, but here, on my blog, my opinion rules and the girl does not know what she is talking about. Check out their website, click on their name, and you will see.