>Because it is the 4th of July. D is working on his new shed and M and the kids are helping him. I haven’t decided yet what to do. I want to go to VanHeusen to get some shorts that fit, but I don’t know if they are open and I don’t know what else M has in mind for today.

After I check on the thread and check my e-mail I will see what else is going on today. I may be back.

Right now I am just sitting on my bed listening to the fireworks. They are loud, I have no idea where they are. Last night I took some Tylenol® PM and I slept really well. I think I will take some again tonight. For some reason taking Tylenol® during the day does nothing for the pain in my shoulder, but the Tylenol® PM at night really helps.

Today Gwen and I went to VanHeusen, but I couldn’t find any shorts I liked, so I went to Bass. They had some nice shorts, they were on sale for $17, which I thought was a lot for shorts, but considering they are Bass, I figured I would go ahead and get them. Well, with M’s card they were less than $9. After I try them on to make sure they fit, I might go get another pair. At Vanheusen, I got a skirt and top. Paid more than I thought they would be, the signs had me confused.

The rest of today I was watching NCIS marathon on TV. Well, I really must go now.