>It is so hot and muggy today, I have to go get a suit if I am going with M to the pool. Well, I don’t need one to go to the pool, but I do need it to go in the pool.

Didn’t make the book study this am. I was feeling icky. M and I went to Ron’s, then lunch at Outback, had a salad, brought home the chicken, which Tigger promptly took and ate, went to Hannaford’s. M got a shipment of spices and she wanted some fat-free sour cream to mix it with. On the way home, I glanced in my mirror and saw 3 NY State Trooper cars with lights flashing bearing down on me. I quickly pulled over, so did the black Dodge SUV behind, me. The SUV was the reason I kept looking in my mirror, I was feeling he was too close. That was slightly scary. Now I am heading up to the mall to look for a bathing suit.

Still haven’t put my food in the tracker, I really need to, I found a suit at Sears, my least favorite store. Oh well.

I ended up taking Tigger and Fred to the pool. It was very refreshing. I was feeling so hot and sticky and yuk, afterwards I felt so cool. Ahhh. After we got home Stitch called with the time he was getting in on the train. M didn’t feel like staying up to get him, so I did. Now I am home, sitting on my bed listening to the wind, I think its the wind, blow the garbage cans around.